My kids love collecting things. So small collectible toys are big in our house. We have loads of Lego Mini figures, Shopkins, Num Noms, LOL Surprise and more. But the newest collectible to hit the shops are these squishy and stretchy Moj Moj’s.

There are two random Moj Moj in each pack. With over 95 different ones to collect and a few rare ones to find too. We received 4 packs to open and start our collection off.


Packs of Moj Moj


And here’s Caitlin unboxing them for you to see.



some moj moj's


What I Thought of them

Here are the 8 ones that Caitlin got. They are pretty cute. I really don’t like the smell of them at all, and it leaves your hands smelling of them after you have been playing with them. Caitlin didn’t seem to mind that much. And when my husband saw them and gave the a whiff he said he actually really liked the smell. It reminded him of some squishy balls that he used to collect as a kid.

These are £4 for a pack, and each pack contains 2 Moj Moj.

Personally I think they are a bit expensive for what they are, but Caitlin and Aaron both really like these and want me to buy them some more.

Can’t get enough of the squishy collectible? Moj Moj is available from @EntertainerToys now!


sleepy cat Moj Moj

Polar Bear and brown bear Moj Moj

Moj Moj collection leaflet



If you would like to try these Moj Moj out for yourself, then enter my giveaway below. I have 3 packs to giveaway to on winner.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is fill in the gleam widget below. All entries are optional. You can do just one or all, and you can also come back each day to gain extra entries. The more you do, the more chances you have.
There will be one winner. The giveaway is open to the UK and only and will close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 30th May 2018

moj Moj

Family Fever
Moj Moj Collectables
I received the above Moj Moj’s in return for this post. All opinions are mine
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61 comments on “The New Collectable Moj Moj Toys Are Here”

  1. I have’nt heard of Moj Mojs before but like the Polar bear the best, my granddaughter collects stones! we seem to get one from wherever we visit, she keeps them in a row on her windowsill and calls them her treasure collection

  2. I have not heard of them before but they look like a great collectible item and my kids would love them

  3. I haven’t heard of these before. However, I’m sure I will hear lots about them as my niece would love them. They are all very cute.

  4. Not heard of or seen these ones before my daughter is obsessed with lol dolls ATM even though she. Doesn’t own any

  5. my daughter currently collects shopping and squished. she would live this prize, they all look very cool and child friendly. very appealing xx

  6. I’ve not seen Moj-Mojs before and I do think they’re cute, but I am very reluctant to start on the blind bag collections because they end up costing a small fortune!

  7. I find them a bit odd to be honest, but I know my kids would love them! My son currently collects dinosaurs & my daughter empty snail shells. The Couch Potato ones look cool.

  8. These are new to me 🙂 They look like the sort of thing my little girls would love. Their brothers were never collectors of anything, but my girls love anything squishy, red, pink or kitten like! lol x

  9. My daughter would love those. She is currently collecting LOL dolls and is constantly asking for a new one.

  10. These look so adorable, don’t think my boys would look after them but my best friends daughter loves things like this so if I win they will be hers! She would love them for sure.

  11. These look great and my nephew loves collecting the latest thing…..Grossery Gang was the most recent….

  12. ​What do you think of these Moj Moj’s?
    they are super cute – just the sort of thing my daughter would love!
    What other things do your kids like to collect?
    we had a big phase of collecting moshlings by my sons
    Which one do you like the sound of the most?
    that cat is cute

  13. My daughter would love these, we saw them when she was showing me these squishies that she has been raving on about, she loves all the collectable toys like this, especially shopkins, she said the Panda is her favourite one

  14. Can’t say they are particulary appealing to me but apparently “everybody” collects them (just like “everybody” has chocolate for breakfast, stays up until 10pm, has brand new phones…)

  15. My boys lovely little dinky toys like this but I daren’t show them these as we’ve enough kinder toys, moshi monsters and lego figures! I’m not sure I can bear the disappointment either when they excitedly open a pack to find they already have the figure inside!

  16. The children are particularly attracted to small toys like these that they can grasp in their hands. They are too young to get into collecting sets.

  17. I like the little sheep one, they are cute eh, the kids have been collecting num nums, i think thats the name of them, but they love little mini toys, so thanks…

  18. Not seen these before but super cute, my daughter loves anything like this, she is currently collecting squishies.

  19. These look fun and I understand that squishy toys like these are this year’s craze. Great competition – thanks for running this 🙂

  20. These are so cute! we have had a pack and my daughter was so excited to open the pack. She is also a big fan of the Playmobil blind bags too

  21. To be honest, I don’t think I would like the smell either. But they are cute; I like the Happy Camper panda.

  22. My daughter actually bought some of these the other day with her pocket money. I think I agree with you that they could be better value, but it’s her money and she was happy with them! I’m sure she’d love some more to go with the two she has already.

  23. not heard of these! my daughter likes to collect those little ty big eyed teddies, all the different kinds. they all sleep in her bed!!

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