Our latest game to review from the Board Game Club is Concept. At first glance this looked quite confusing and hard to play. It is suitable for ages 10+ so I thought my youngest two who are 7 & 8 would find this tricky and not be able to play it. But after a few games it gets easier and they could play it fine.

It is supposed to be for 4 or more players in teams. But we managed to play it with just three of us individual just fine.


Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub


The idea of the game is to guess the concept by marking clues on the board.

There are different pictures that mean different things, like you have animals, male, female, object, film, book, building etc. Then you have things like old, young, fast, slow, love, anger, air, night, wood, paper, etc. And shapes, colours, directions, up, down etc.

You first place you green question mark on the most relevant square and place little green cubes next to others pictures to give a clue to the thing on your card.

You can give a second clue, by placing a different colour counter down.


Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub


There are three different difficulties. We just played with the blue ones.


Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub

Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub


So for example, the clues below are on animal/wildlife as the main clue and the cubes are on big and the colour grey.  So the answer for this was Elephant. Which the kids guessed straight away.


Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub


Now this one was a bit trickier. I had the main clue as a male with my green cubes on fictional character and flying. For my second clue I placed the counter next to clothes and the colour green. Can you guess what it is?

Caitlin got this one quite quickly. It was Peter Pan.


Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub


There are also four sheets that the players can share to remind everyone what each picture means.


Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub

Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub


This was quite a fun game. Even though Caitlin and Aaron found it tricky they really enjoyed playing it. Caitlin was really amazing at guessing the answers but not so good at giving the clues out. She was placing the counters everywhere and the clues didn’t make any sense to us. Aaron was pretty good at giving the clues, but he did take a while to think before he placed them.

They have been playing this game just the two of them and I have noticed that they are both getting better at it. It’s really making them think about things and use their brains.



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Concept Game Review #BoardGameClub


I received the above game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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