I think that April’s Degustabox was maybe me favourite box that I have ever received. I loved all the items in it! And there are plenty of products that I will definitely be buying again. See my video of me below, opening the Degustabox and my initial thoughts.



And here is everything together :


Degustabox April 2018 Review


My thoughts


Degustabox - Trek protein energy chunks


Trek – Protein Energy Chunks

I got to try 2 flavours of these. Cocoa Peanut and Toffee Triumph. These were both really nice and great for on the go. These are one of the items I will be putting on my shopping list.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Nick's Kexbar


Nick’s Kexbar

This tasted a bit like a Blue Ribbon and I love those. This was lovely, but also a lot healthier than a blue Ribbon as they don’t have any added sugar. Another one I will be looking out for.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Mutti tomotoes

Mutti Passata and Chopped Tomatoes

We eat a lot of tinned tomatoes and sauces. I have never heard of this brand before. But these products where both really nice.

My overall rating 

Degustabox - Milkybar wowsomes

Milkybars Wowsomes

These come in two flavours – White Chocolate with Crispy Oat Cereal and Milk & White Chocolate with Crispy Oat Cereal. Has there were only 2 in the box, there were a few fights over who was going to have them.  But in the end we all had a piece each. They were both really nice and will will be buying these again.

My overall rating 

Degustabox - Lucozade


My husband had this one. He drank it before he went to the gym to give him a boost of energy.  My eldest son, Ryan is 13 and he buys these quite often.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Lio Bites Strawberry & Banana Smoothie bites

Lio Bites Smoothie Bites

My daughter Catlin ate these, but did let me try one. These are Strawberry & Banana flavour and are really nice. They are quite sweet which we both really liked. Caitlin has asked me to buy these again, but they are quite pricey for such a little pack. So if I did get these again, I would only buy them when they are on offer.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Haribo Giant Strawbs


Haribo Giant Strawbs

My kids where excited to see these in the box, as they are big fans of haribo. By Caitlin was a little more excited then usual, as a few weeks ago she became a vegetarian. She was a little upset that she can no longer eat her favourite sweets, but was happy to find out that these ones are in fact suitable for veggies. That also meant that I got to sample a few too.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Happy Down


Happy Down

This is a premixed alcoholic drink. It is made with fortified wine and has Lychee, Guava and chilli flavour. You can really taste the chilli when it hits the back of your throat, which I liked. I am not over keen on wine, so this let it down a bit for me. But overall it was quite a nice drink

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Idahoan perfect mash roasted garlic


Idahoan Garlic Mash

I don’t really buy packet mash as there is nothing better then real mash made with fresh potatoes. But this was actually really nice. I loved the garlic in it, and I will definitely be buying this again.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Juicy Fuel Cola


Juicy Fuel Cola

This is the product that surprised me the most. It tasted like a fizzy blueberry cola and you would expect it to be full of sugar and really unhealthy, but in fact it’s not. It actually counts towards one of your 5 a day. This is a great alternative to fizzy pop. Loved it.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - The Food Doctor


The Food Doctor

These two packs where my favourite item from this months box. They are packs of dried beans and peas. They taste really nice and are a great snack to have on the go. Will be looking out for more of these.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - A2 Milk


A2 Milk

This tastes just like normal cows milk, expect this one has a certain protein taken out of it. So people who suffer with upsets stomachs when drinking normal cows milk my like this.

My overall rating 


Degustabox - Mindful Bites


Mindful Bites

These are little packs of nut butters. just tear of the top and there is a straw to suck it up through. Another great item for on the go and as it’s small easy to fit into your bag. And best of all, they are really nice.

My overall rating 




April 2018 Degustabox flat lay


My favourite item this months was the packs of dried beans from The Food Doctor. But to be frank, I liked everything in this month’s box.

Have you tried any of these? What would you most like to try out?

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April Degustabox


I received the above Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. This looks like an awesome box, and it’s a fab price too. I keep meaning to get one but never get round to it, I might do it with your code though. It is going to be a winner if there are haribos though.

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