Last week we had a nice spell of sunshine. So I made the most of it and had a relax in the garden. I am getting ready for summer now and have been sorting out my garden a bit. The other week I was sent out a new VonHaus Textoline Zero Gravity Chair so it was the perfect time to try it out. The chair is just perfect for all my summer reading I love to do. Actually, I didn’t do that much last year, so I have a big pile I want to get through this summer.

The chair is easy to put up and you can have it in a standard seated position to fully reclining. Or anywhere in between these two positions if you prefer. It also has a lock mechanism so the chair will stay in the position you want it to.


VonHaus Textoline Zero Gravity Chair

VonHaus Textoline Zero Gravity Chair


I love the colour of it. The photos do make it look a little fuzzy, but that’s just the camera. My favourite thing about this chair is that it has a pillow. Perfect for supporting my head and neck during all that reading I’m going to be doing. It is also removable, or you can lower it to just the right height.


VonHaus Textoline Zero Gravity Chair

VonHaus Textoline Zero Gravity Chair


When I tried it out last week, it was so comfy and roomy that I actually feel asleep in it. Not a good idea really, has I didn’t have any sun lotion on and I got a bit burnt all down my right side. When my kids came home from school that night they wanted to try it out to. I let them have a little try but I have clearly told them that this is my chair. As I did have one of those low fold out sun loungers that they decided that would use and they ended up ripping it. So, they are banned from this one.


Another item I got which is perfect for the summer is this fab beach towel from Tesalate. This isn’t any ordinary beach towel, it is actually sand resistant. Obviously I couldn’t try this out as I have no sand in my garden. It is also really lightweight and compact which is perfect for just popping into your beach bag. It doesn’t take much room up at all, so you still have plenty of space for everything else you need.


tesalate beach towel in Bora Bora

Tesalate beach towel


I love the colour of this and it’s also double-sided. This is the Bora Bora design, but you can choose from currently around 25 different designs. It has a hanger to make hanging up your towel easy. And even though this towel is very absorbent, it can also dry really quickly too.


Bora Bora Tesalate sand resistant beach towel

Getting ready for summer with my sand resistant beach towel

Getting ready for summer with my sand resistant beach towel


This towel is great for just laying on to relax in your garden, but I can’t wait to take it on holiday with me to try it out on the beach. As it doesn’t take much room up in your bag like a normal towel does, this is also great for taking to the gym or swimming pool for your shower.

So, that’s me all ready for summer now. Got my reading chair, beach towel, just need to get me and the kids some nice new summer clothes now and we’ll be all sorted. Bring on the Summer!!

Family Fever


getting ready for summer with my zero gravity chair and beach towel


I was sent out these products in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. Have just ordered a sun lounger in anticipation of the Sun. Fingers crossed.
    Liked the look of the gravity chairs , but when I tried them out, I think I am the wring shape for them to be comfortable

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