Pregnancy must haves

Pregnancy is an exciting time and it’s easy to get carried away with purchasing unnecessary items to get you through what can sometimes be a difficult time.

I have shortened the list and come up with pregnancy must have essentials that will not only make your wallet happy, but will help to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

1. A good maternity bra

In the very early stages of pregnancy most women will experience rapid increase in the size of their breasts. It is during this time that your breasts will feel sore and irritated and your pre-pregnancy bra is unlikely to fit comfortably anymore.

Opt for a good supportive seamless bra during the first trimester. Not only will it feel comfortable, but also it will stretch and grow with your changing body without restriction.

Seamless bras come in sizes XS-XXL and due to its stretch, will fit as you fluctuate.

Your breasts should stabilize in the second trimester. It is during this time that you should go to a Lingerie or Maternity store and get fitted for a maternity bra.

A cupped sized bra is ideal for the second and third trimester. It will provide you with extra support and comfort for the remainder of your pregnancy.


pregnancy supplements - pregnancy must haves


2. Supplements

It is always advised to discuss this with your health care specialist first before beginning to take supplements.

Most women will take folic acid, a Vitamin D and Iron supplements to help assist in their general health and well-being through their pregnancy.

Folic acid can be particularly important and should be taken before and throughout the first trimester of your pregnancy. It is believed to prevent neural tube defects forming which can cause Spina Bifida in your growing child.


maternity clothes shopping


3. Clothing

It isn’t necessary to go out and buy and entire new wardrobe.

The season and how big you’re carrying could enable you to wear many of your existing pieces of clothing.

Loose fitting sun dresses, wrap dresses, baby doll styled dresses and skirts with elastic waste bands can all be easily worn.

It is my advice to invest in a few key pregnancy pieces such as: Tank tops in a range of colors, maternity jeans, maternity tights or leggings.

Mix and match with your existing wardrobe and accessories to create new looks.

4. Maternity PJ’s

Maternity sleepwear is a great investment. Feeling comfortable and keeping cool is the key to a good nights sleep.

Choose sleepwear that is loose-fitting, non-restrictive and is made of natural fibers. Synthetic fabrics can make you feel hot and can cause the skin to feel irritate.

Cottons, bamboo and modals are great options as they are super soft and light and will allow the skin to breath.


Pregnant woman with maternity pillow


5. Maternity pillow

Maternity pillows are designed and shaped to fit around the body to aid in a better nights sleep.

They help to provide relief to the pressure points in your back, between your legs and help to support the belly when sleeping on your side.

TIP: Should a maternity pillow not be in your budget. Simply position normal pillows around your self when you sleep. Place one behind your back, one between your legs and one under your belly. Move and adjust to find your comfy spot.

6. Flat shoes

Most women will experience some swelling in the feet or ankles during pregnancy. This is due to water

retention and the pressure the added weight from your pregnancy puts on your legs and feet.

Avoid wearing heeled shoes or styles that are strappy and restrictive.

Opt for comfortable flat shoes. This way your weight is distributed evenly putting less pressure on the feet.

7. Belly support band

A belly support band is wonderful for those women who want to help support and lift their belly. A bellyband will also help to relieve some pressure from your back should you be experiencing back pain.


pregnant belly with stretch mark cream


8. Belly cream/oil

Most women will religiously apply some type of belly cream throughout their pregnancy.

A belly cream will not help to stop stretch marks as some women are just more predisposed to getting them than others.

What the cream does do is help to hydrate the skin and reduces the severity of the stretch marks.

It is recommended to moisturize your entire body including your breasts during pregnancy. Moisturizing will to help to keep the skin subtle and hydrated, reducing itchiness and skin damage.


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Pregnancy Must haves


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  1. I never had a maternity pillow. Just had about 5 pillows around me in the night. Used to drive my OH mad! lol x

  2. This is an interesting and helpful read….my sister is pregnant with her second and this post would be a great help to her!

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