The latest game received as part of being a Board Game Club blogger was a quirky card game called Exploding Kittens. When I first received the game, I thought the name of it was very strange, and I first thought it was an adult game. But the game is actually for ages 7+ and it’s nothing at all like it sounds. It’s in fact a really fun family card game.

In this game you take it in turns by drawing card from the pile until someone gets an Exploding Kitten card and is out. The last player left is the winner. I bit like Russian Roulette with a twist. But it’s not as straight forward has that as you also have other cards you can play along the way.


Exploding Kittens Game Review #BoardGameClub

Exploding Kittens Cards


How to Play

The rules are simple. The game is for 2-5 players and you play with one less Exploding Kitten card then the number of players. So if there are two players, you play with one Exploding Kitten card. Each player also has a defuse card, this card can stop you exploding if you pick the kitten card up. And you also have 4 random other cards. You aren’t supposed to show the other players what cards you have, the photo below is just to show you.

Each player takes it in turn to place one of their cards in this disuse pile and do what the card says. You can use has many cards as you like and to end your turn you pick the top card up from the stock pile. You don’t have to play any cards if you wish and you just simply play your go by picking a card up from the top of the pile.


Playing Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Game Review #BoardGameClub


If you manage to get a pair of picture card, like above, you can play these at the same time and then steal another players card.

The other types of cards available to play are shown below.


Exploding Kittens Game Review #BoardGameClub


Our Thoughts

Overall this game was a lot of fun. And also a lot easier to play than I thought it was going to be.The kids loved it, but we did have a few tears when they draw the Exploding Kitten card first. This is suitable for 2-5 players but I think the more players you have the more fun as there are more Exploding kitten cards to find.

Exploding Kittens is also the number one most-backed Kickstarter ever!


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Exploding Kittens Game Review #BoardGameClub

I received the above game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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10 comments on “Exploding Kittens Game Review #BoardGameClub”

  1. I hate the name of this game. In a world that is full of cruelty, why do companies feel the need to call their game something like this? I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at this post but I feel it’s very important to teach our children to be kind and considerate and this is not the way.

  2. I can see myself playing with my son and have a giggle. Never heard of the game but love discovering new ones. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The name certainly captures the imagination and I love a good card game with the children. Having said that I am currently trying to learn a very tricky card game so this one might have to wait a bit #TriedandTested

  4. We have this and we love it. My husband, my parents and my brother and his wife have been playing in once the little ones are in bed, we all stay over at my parents for a few days over Christmas and this is one of the games we love playing together

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