April Highlights

Even though I have been feeling a bit low throughout April, I did manage to get out quite a bit. The first week of April was just spent at home eating Easter eggs and the kids spent most of the time in the back garden playing with their friends.

Twycross Zoo

But the second weekend we went on a coach trip to Twycross zoo. It’s been years since I last went to a zoo and this was our first time going to Twycross. WE went with my mum, sister and her 5 kids. It was a lovely day out and the weather stayed dry until the last 30 minutes. I enjoyed it so much and it improved my mood loads.


Giant Tortoise

Caitlin and Morgan as Penguins


I love the above photo of my daughter Caitlin with her cousin Morgan. You may have read a few of my past post about Morgan. He was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour when he had just turned 2. It was on his brain stem and then he also got another one at the bottom of his spine. There was a high change of him not pulling through as the tumour was inoperable. He had loads of ops and he had to learn to walk, talk and eat again. He had one round of chemo, which really took it’s toll on him. But amazingly both tumours have just disappeared! The doctors said it’s a miracle and even now are still in disbelief.

He does still have a few problems that are an after effect of the surgery’s he’s had, but he is definitely one in a million!

Me and my sister have been trying to get all our kids together for ages for a photo. This one below is the best we have got so far. Even though some aren’t looking at the camera and the others look completely miserable


all the kids together - smile!

a cute and funny looking monkey

a butterfly


High Tor

A few days later when the kids where at school me and my husband had a walk into Matlock Bath. we had a little look around Masson Mills before we headed back. But we took a little de-tour and went back through High Tor. Now even though I have lived in Matlock all my life, I had never walked up to High Tor.

It was a bit of a trek as the hills and steps where very steep and I must stay it was a great work out. By the time we got to the top I felt like I was dying. But the views were well worth the pain. It was beautiful and you could see for miles around and view thou whole of Matlock. I could even see our house.


beautiful fountian

matlock bath view

view of Matlock 1

view of Matlock 2

View of Riber Castle


Our Family Walk

Last weekend we decided to have a walk into Rowsley, as they was having a dog show at the Peak Village outlet. It is around 5 miles walk from our house, but has it was nice we thought we walk make a day out of it and walk instead of going in the car.

We planned on following a new cycle trail that has just been made, but somehow we ended up on a completely different path going there. We didn’t realised we had taken the wrong route until on our way back. But there was times when I was thinking, ‘this can’t be right. How are you supposed to cycle through here’ That was when we was walking through field that had tiny stiles that we had to climb over. But it was a lovely walk, as we walked through field with sheep and their new born baby lambs.


baby lambs

going over a stile


We didn’t watch the dog show for long as it started raining and the kids were cold. But on the way back (on the correct trail this time) the sun came out. The trail runs along side the Peak Rail, and the kids loved waving to everyone on the stream train every time it went by us.

We stopped of at Whitworth park and the kids loved playing on the new zip line that was there. I also went rock hunting and found a few #DerbyshireRocks.

On the way back I also got a few blisters. And when I say a few, I mean the most I have ever got! I was in agony with every step. There wasn’t too many people around so I was walking really funny and the kids wouldn’t stop laughing at me. It got so bad, that I even considered ringing my dad to come and fetch me. But I made it back home, and my blisters have now healed after a few days rest.



our April highlights

Caitlin with a #DerbyshireRock


My #LittleLoves of the month


I haven’t done that much reading throughout April.  I am still currently reading Wonder by R. J. Palacio which I started at the begging of March.


I have watched Our Country on BBC 1. I really love it. It’ reminds me of where we live. It’s just so funny. I have also just started watching the new series of Ambulance and Watch Dog. I love watching real life programmes. Another program that I have been watching that my dad got me into, is The Great Painting Challenge. I love picking my favourite picture each week.


Nothing new. Just my pom pom monsters. Still trying to catch up of a few Etsy orders for these.


Just jog bottoms and leggings. Anything really comfy. And I have been wearing my bras as less as possible. They are all the wrong size and I really need to get myself some new ones.


Just been listening to old Motown songs and a few old rock songs.  I also listened to my first ever audiobook. It was better then I was expecting and I could listen to it has I was crafting my pom pom monsters.

And lastly….

Haven’t got anything planned for May as yet. We are trying to save up for our holiday to Butlins in August, so will be doing mostly free things. Like a lot of family walks. I just have to make sure I have some decent shoes on and not ones that are going to give me blisters.


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  1. Lots of fun adventures had within April, so it seems. I think we all have a photo from our childhood with our cousins like the one you shared. Haha! The walk you took with your husband sounds lovely; great quality time together. And the lambs on your family walk are just too cute! I hope May is kind to you all #MyFamilyAdventures

  2. What a great month, Twycross Zoo sounds blooming brilliant. We haven’t been to a zoo in so long. Thanks so much for joining up to #MyFamilyAdventures – I would really appreciate it if you added a link back like you have the other link ups x

  3. It sounds like you packed a lot into April, even if you weren’t feeling great. I hope you’re feet are fully recovered now! #LikedAndLoved

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