I am a big tea drinker. My favourite tea is your everyday builders breakfast tea, with milk and two sugars. I must have a few cups a day or I just don’t feel right. I do like to try out other teas too, the only exception is green teas. I grew up in a family of tea lovers and my grandma and grandad used to have at least 10 cups of tea a day. But when I was younger I was never a big fan. I only had a cup now and again and then I only used to dip my biscuits in it. But when I reached my late teenage years everything changed. Now the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is put the kettle on.

I was sent out are large selection of different loose teas from Adagio Teas, including floral, herbal and my favourite, black teas. They also sent me a gorgeous glass tea-pot made for using with loose tea and a matching cup and saucer. Some teabag filters where also included and I love trying these out has I have never seen these before.


Trying Out Adagio Teas + a giveaway

Trying Out Adagio Teas + a giveaway


I started of with a Berry Blues tea. I made it in my new glass tea-pot and it was so much easier than using my tea strainer. I also used my new glass cup and saucer which make the fruity tea look so nice has you can clearly see the lovely shade of red/pink of the berry tea. I love my tea sweet so added a tea-spoon of sugar. I only need one instead of my normal two has this tea was quite sweet already. I really enjoyed this tea and it was lovely and smooth and not at all bitter like some teas I have tasted.


Adagio Teas - loose teas in glass tea pot

Adagio tea - Berry blue - glass tea pot

adagio tea berry blues

adagio tea | Berry Blues | Glass cup


Next I tried the raspberry which was a black tea. It was so nice, a lot nice then I was expecting actually. Then next was the chocolate one and again I lot nicer then I was expecting. You can really taste the hints of chocolate. And for my morning cup of tea I tried out the English Breakfast. It was lovely. I did make it in my teapot so I had enough for another cuppa. But I had left in the tea-pot for quite a while as I was also doing a bit of work. Because I had left it so long it gave the second cup of tea a slightly bitter woody taste to it.


English breakfast tea and glass tea pot

Adagio english breakfast tea


I have really enjoyed trying out these teas and still have a few more flavours to sample. So far, I have liked all of them. Adagio teas are so nice and they all come in resealable pouches and they are made with all natural ingredients. I have tried a lot of teas in my time and I must say that I think these Adagio Teas are the best loose teas that I have ever tried.

Take a look at Adagio Teas website so see their full range of flavours and tea wares.


A little giveaway

Adagio Teas have kindly offered me the chance to give away a selection of their teas along with a tea-pot in the colour of your choosing.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is fill in the gleam widget below. All entries are optional. You can do just one or all, and you can also come back each day to gain extra entries. The more you do, the more chances you have.
There will be one winner. The giveaway is open to the UK and Europe only and will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday 8th May 2018

A Selection of Adagio Teas




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Trying Out Adagio Teas + a giveaway

I received the above teas in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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101 comments on “Trying Out Adagio Teas + a giveaway”

  1. I love builders tea hot & strong!
    I would love the white tea pot
    I haven’t tried these teas before but would love to

    • I love the wide selection of teas you covered. My all time favorite tea has to be thistle tea but unfortunately that can be very difficult to find.

  2. I like black tea with a slice of lemon or raspberry and cranberry tea, I have heard of Adagio teas but not tried them yet and I would choose a purple tea pot

  3. Oooh I would get excited over this! I am such a tea gannet lol. I’ve not tried Adagio teas before but I’ve read lots of reviews at how good they are. I would love the orange tea pot and I love the colour orange. My favourite tea is raspberry tea too, it’s so refreshing

  4. My favourite type of tea is Rooibos Earl Grey, I would choose a Pink teapot and yes, I have tried Adagio teas before, they’re fabulous!!

  5. My most favourite tea is ginger tea. If I was lucky to win I will choose the green ceramic pot. I never tried Adagios tea before.

  6. I quite enjoy fruit tea, but Breakfast tea is my favourite, i would choose the Green Teapot and i have never heard or tried Adagios teas before

  7. I would choose the blue teapot. I love them all actually.
    My favourite tea is Assam, nice and strong, but I want to try more teas.
    I have been hearing about Adagio teas and I’m interested in trying them

  8. The orange teapot would look great in my kitchen. I love a cup of earl grey with no milk but I have never tried this brand before….

  9. Love a nice fruity tea especially blueberry although a nice cup of English breakfast tea is nice first thing. I’d chose a nice black teapot. Haven’t tried Adagio yet x

  10. My favourite tea is English breakfast tea with a dash of milk and 2 sugars. I would choose the pink teapot. I’ve never tried Adagio before but would love to give it a taste!

  11. My favourite tea is Earl Grey with a smidgen of milk. I would choose the blur teapot and no I haven’t tried adagio tea before

  12. Purple teapot is my fave I like bright colours, personally tea wise I love an earl grey or a traditional breakfast tea

  13. I’ve never tried Adagio teas before. My favourite tea is Chamomile (although the Adagio Turmeric Bliss tea looks delicious!) and I love the glass Concert Teapot.

  14. I like all teas really. Day to day I would drink green tea or fruit teas, but I would go for a builder’s tea with plenty of sugar if I was feeling sorry for myself 🙂

  15. I love Masala Chai tea, it’s SO GOOD! I always leave the teabag in too – I get that people think that’s gross 😉

    I really want the orange tea pot, and I’ve never tried adagio teas before but I want to give the Earl Grey a shot!

  16. If I don’t get my builders tea as soon as I get up I turn into grumpy mum. Love my tea, haven’t had much luck with some of the flavoured tea bags, yet when I go for the odd spa I always get a lovely flavoured tea which tastes amazing. I think it really has to do with the quality of tea and how you brew it.

  17. I really like jasmine or green tea and I like lose tea in a glass tea pot and small cups. I have not tried adagio teas before but would love to.

  18. I would choose the green teapot. I have never tried Adagio teas before. My favourite type of tea is Lady Grey tea, loose leaf if possible.

  19. I haven’t tried Adagio teas before but would love to. There are so many fabulous teas available now that I am enjoying trying them to supplement my long-time favourite Redbush tea.

  20. I am a huge tea drinker, so much so that I’m almost like a tea addict. I like Assam tea, English breakfast and sometimes cranberry and blackcurrant tea. I have never tried Adagio teas but would love to try them.
    I really want that PINK teapot!

  21. I’ve never tried Adagio teas before, but they sound really good. I love plain fruity tea, I would love the blue teapot.

  22. i usually drink Green teas, my wife like the fruity/berry teas.
    Favorite teapot is the purple (as it matches in with the kitchen)
    And no, we have yet to try Adagio teas yet.

  23. I’ve never tried adagio teas before but have recently really got into green teas and fruit teas, I love peach flavoured tea and apple green tea is lovely but so hard to get. If I had to choose a teapot I would choose the white ceramic from the list shown but love the clear glass one

  24. My favorite Tea is Earl Grwey and Matcha, I love the Blue Teapot, and I have not tried Adagio tea yet! thanks for the chance

  25. I’ve not heard of Adagio teas before. You must have had so much fun writing this review! Fab you’re hosting a giveaway too – they have some amazing flavours looking at their website. I had a glass teapot once and it just tastes better brewed that way. Sadly it lasted 2 weeks before a cat tail swished it off the counter and now with 2 boys I daren’t get another one!

  26. I must admit I don’t like tea at all – which always feels like a crime against my British heritage! Mum loves the stuff though.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  27. My favourite type of tea is Earl Grey loose tea but I’ve been working my way through different brands of tea bags. I’m trying Yorkshire tea next and then Red Bush after that.
    I would choose either the pink or the white tea pot.
    No, I have never tried Adagio teas before.

  28. l haven’t tried Adagio teas yet! but they look and sound amazing!. l would love the pink tea pot its a lovely shade and my favourite type of tea is Green tea, great with all the health benefits too!.

  29. I LIKE RUBIOS AND EARL GREY BUT ONE WITH A HINT OF CHOCOLATE OH DEAR! PURPLE TEA POT AS BOSS LIKES that colour.sorry bout caps,sooo tired i didn’t notice STILL on!!

  30. I really enjoy mint tea made by my Moroccan son-in-law. It’s so refreshing. I would like the green tea pot because it matches the décor in my kitchen. I have not yet tried Adagio tea but would love to.

  31. English breakfast tea is my fav. I would love the black teapot.
    I’ve never tried Adagio teas before but they look lovely. Fingers crossed.

  32. I’m not a tea fan, I only like rosehip or rosehip and hibiscus herbal infusion. My daughter loves all sorts of tea so would love to win this for her.

  33. Hi! I have the christmas selections of Adagio teas and got the Adagio ingenuiTEA. From the selection of christmas teas, I got the candy cane taste in my heart. So good!
    I think the Orange teapot is great! I also love the brown porcelain cup and infuser in the same page. Thank you for the giveaway! I hope to win this, and I wish you a great day!

  34. I don’t actually like tea but my partner does and his fave is darjeeling. I like the purple tea pot and I haven’t tried adagio teas before

  35. My favourite type of tea depends what mood I’m in! ​In the evening it tends to be chamomile, earlier in the day I like green, weak black or peppermint….but I love trying out new types of tea and I drink a wide variety (yesterday was Salted Caramel!). Never tried Adagio teas before though!

  36. I love strong tea
    My favourite is the white tea pot
    Love trying new teas so would be nice to try these 🙂

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