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Two weeks ago it was half term for the kids and mid-way through we had a family movie night. One of the movie we watched was the brand new film Paddington 2!

It only comes our today on digital download and is’t released on DVD and Blue-ray until next week, so we were really lucky so watch this before it officially comes out.



We have seen Paddington 1 and really enjoyed it but Paddington 2 is even better. And it’s not often that the sequel lives up to the original, but this one definitely does.

There were lot’s of laugh out loud moments which had the kids in stitches. We all really enjoyed this and really can’t wait to watch it again already!


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STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce that the BAFTA nominated hit ‘family film of the year’ PADDINGTON 2 will be available on digital download from 5 MARCH 2018 and on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD + Blu-ray from 12 MARCH 2018. To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy!

The number one box-office smash-hit, recently passing £40m, will also be released as a Blu-Ray
Steelbook and as a box-set with the first Paddington film. Available to pre-order now:

The much-anticipated sequel to the worldwide hit family film finds Paddington happily settled
with the Brown family in Windsor Gardens, where he has become a popular member of
the community, spreading joy and marmalade wherever he goes. While searching for the
perfect present for his beloved Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday, Paddington spots a unique pop-up
book in Mr. Gruber’s antique shop, and embarks upon a series of odd jobs to buy it. But when
the book is stolen, it’s up to Paddington and the Browns to unmask the thief…

Paddington’s biggest adventure yet sees Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson joining the all-star
returning cast of Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Peter Capaldi
and Ben Whishaw as the voice of the beloved bear.


I have one Paddington 2 Goody bag to giveaway. The goody bag contains :

  • Paddington 2 DVD
  • Notebook
  • Travel Card Holder
  • Sticker Set
  • Sandwich Box
  • Tote Bag

To be in with the chance of winning, just answer this question:

What is Paddington’s favourite sandwich filler?

a) Strawberry jam
b) Marmalade
c) Ham and cheese


To enter fill in the gleam widget below. All entries are optional but the more you do the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close at 11:59pm on Monday 2nd April


Win Paddington 2 on DVD + Goody Bag

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© 2017 STUDIOCANAL S.A.S. All Rights Reserved. Paddington Bear™, Paddington™ and PB™
are trademarks of Paddington and Company Limited
PADDINGTON 2 will be available on digital download from 5
MARCH 2018 and on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD + Blu-ray from
12 MARCH 2018

I received a check copy of the DVD in return for a review. All opinions are mine



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