February hasn’t been a very good month for me. I have been suffering with depression and SAD. I have been finding it quite hard to motivate myself to do anything. It doesn’t help that money has been virtually none existent this month, with my car tax and insurance both due.

We all should have gone to Young Vanish to do a restaurant review. But we had to cancel as it snowed. My husband Des, said it would be fine, as we heard that the main roads where clear. I went slow driving of our estate, but when we got to the main road we was behind a fire engine. And it started to skid across the road! So I thought, that’s it, am going back. We live in a cul-de-sac and it has a little hill to go up to get onto it, and my rubbish car really struggled with the snow. We was sliding everywhere and I thought we wouldn’t get up it. It was scary. So that’s it now. I am never driving in the snow again! We did re-booked the restaurant, but then both me and the kids got ill. So we had to cancel again.

We did have a great pancake day though!

The kids love Pancake day and we were sent out some goodies from Num Noms to have a pancake challenge. Caitlin won the challenge we had by adding marshmallows and candy floss to her pancakes.



Half term as been ok. I have spent most of my time inside, feeling a bit blue. But the kids have really enjoyed being off school and they had quite a few things sent to us to review. They got some hair chalks which will be on my blog soon, along with some Playmobil Easter Eggs, Dozy Dogs and Paddington 2 dvd.



Paddington 2 isn’t out till Monday, so we were really lucky in getting to review it. Look out for the review on the blog next week. We had a movie night and had loads of yummy treats. Aaron enjoyed eating some new Haribos which we got from February’s Degustabox (review soon!) and sampling some delicious milkshakes from Shaken Udder (review soon + giveaway!). We love our family movie nights and have them at least once a month.

I was looking forward to the kids going back to school after half term as my house looks a mess and I like to get back into my routine. But no such luck, as they have been home since Tuesday because of the snow.

They have really enjoyed playing out and going sledging with their dad. And I am grateful that I have been able to have a bit of me time and get some blog work done.



The 1st of March was my eldest, Ryan’s 13th birthday. We didn’t do anything, he just got a cake, (which was delicious). He was supposed to be going to laser quest this weekend with his friends but we have had to postpone it until next weekend because of the snow.



My #LittleLoves of the month


I have read a great book called The Self-Care Revolution. I have also read a couple of thrillers. You can see my review of them all here. I am currently reading Wonder by R. J. Palacio.


I have watched a few films. Paddington 2 (review will be on my blog next week). Baywatch – the film, that is. Quite good, an ok watch. But the programme I was every week is Casualty. Really loving it at the minute.


I have been making my famous pop-pom monsters, otherwise know as Quiet Critters. I have had a few orders for these on my Etsy and I have been trying to play catch up.


I have been wearing nothing but my pyjama’s the most of February. I actually own more pj’s then I do ‘normal’ clothes. As soon as I am in the house, I whip of my clothes and stick my trusty pj’s on.


Not much new really. I love listening to #ThrowbackThursday on Spotify.

And lastly….

I am hoping March is a bit better for me. Trying to balance blogging, which is my job, and taking time out for myself so I don’t get too overwhelmed. It’s just 3 weeks till the kids break up from school again for Easter, so hoping to get as much work done as possible then have a bit of time off then.


What have you been doing in February. Let me know in the comments. 


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42 comments on “Life Lately {February 2018}”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you have had a bit of a tough time lately. I totally get how hard it is to make time for yourself when you work from home. I’m a WAHM and I homeschool too, so it’s always crazy busy here.
    Happy belated birthday to Ryan and I hope March is a better month for you.

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC x

  2. Sorry to hear that you have been low with your depression and SAD. It can really hit hard sometimes, I hope you have managed to make some extra time for yourself. I treated myself to new PJ’s last month and they are my go to clothing item (getting very annoyed when they need to be washed!)

  3. Sorry to hear that you have had a tough time lately. Happy Birthday to your eldest, hope you get to rearrange all of your snow-cancelled plans soon! Enjoy your weekend #LittleLoves

  4. Fun time for you all ‘ lots of baking READING and a head START on cards for birthdays and Christmas
    Sledging fun too

  5. Sorry to read that you have been suffering from depression and SAD. Just wanted to send you best wishes and hope that we all see some sunshine soon.

  6. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with depression this month. It does sound like you’ve had some lovely moments though with your children and being able to have a movie night with some nice treats. I do love Spotify Throwback playlists as well!

  7. totally relate about living in pyjamas! it does sound like you had quite a busy and fun time with family though which is great x

  8. February was a tough one here too, I also have SAD but the weather is particularly difficult for me with having various chronic illnesses which worsen through the cold weather. Roll on spring!

  9. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
    Now that the snow is melting and the temperatures are creeping up ,we can all start to feel the suns rays on our skin. Am sure that it helps to heal our soul

  10. I hope your mood improves soon…It’s that time of year isn’t it.
    It sounds like you have had some fun times….
    hahaha! I watched the Baywatch film too and enjoyed it. I thought it was so bad it was good. lol I love Casualty too x

  11. So sorry you’ve not been feeling great. I suffer from SAD too but I always find that February is the light at the end of the tunnel for me, with days getting longer and the prospect of warmth and sunshine appearing at some point.

    Candyfloss and marshmallows on pancakes? Why the heck not!

  12. Hang on in there, I suffer with depression and anxiety, so I know it can be tough, but take each day as it comes, and don’t feel you’re alone with it x

  13. Even though you are suffering with depression and sad you have still made sure your children are happy and have had activities to do which from the smiles on their faces I’d say they really enjoyed, I have suffered with depression and anxiety for 12 years but since having my 3rd child who is a year old today its really eased, I still have anxious days but nothing as bad as I was, just take it day by day and remember your doing an amazing job xXx

  14. Oh I’m off t check out Throwback Thursday and I’m with you on the PJs you can’t beat getting on your PJs and getting comfy when you are at home. I am sorry to hear your have been feeling depressed and I really hope you are getting some help. It looks like your children had lots of fun and enjoyed making the pancakes. Take care and Thank you for linking up to #pointshoot

  15. You have been busy! I am also having a hard time picking myself up. Just waking up is a big event to celebrate. Things are just really hard for me as well and I cant wait for the weather to clear up. It doesnt really help a lot but it does help and for me thats already big.

    I hope I am making sense. #pointshoot

  16. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. the winter months are really tough aren’t they! Really hope March is much better month for you. Hugs xx

  17. Sorry to hear that February has been a hard month for you… Taking time for yourself and seeing the joy in little things is always nice when mental health isn’t so great.

    The pancake day sounds like a lot of fun as does the movie night. We went and saw Paddington 2 at the cinema (Movies 4 Juniors at Cineworld) during half term and all thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Here’s hoping March proves to be a better mental health month for you #MyFamilyAdventures

  18. So sorry to read about the tough month you had in february hun Though not all bad with the pancake day! Like you money has been tight for me in February too – same with the car tax and insurance!! Hope MArch is better xx

  19. Hope things are improving lovely, my mum has SAD too and eats Brazil nuts like they are going out of fashion! I cant wait to see Paddington 2 we loved the first one xx #LittleLoves

  20. We all seem to get ill here whenever I try to book anything too far in advance! The snow sounds like it was a nightmare for lots of people, we only had it for a couple of days here so it wasn’t too bad thankfully. A belated happy birthday to your son, my eldest is 14 in July, I have no idea where that time has gone!

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved

    Stevie x

  21. Those pancakes look awesome! And I don’t drive anywhere in the snow either – it’s just not worth it! Sorry you have been feeling a bit down – I hope now the snow is gone, it perks you up a bit 🙂 thanks so much for lining up with #ourweekendhappy

  22. Sorry to hear that you’ve struggled during February. I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety so can really relate. I massively struggled during snow week because of the lack of routine. It does look like you’ve managed to have lots of fun though. That pancake looks great. Marshmallows and candy floss is definitely my type of pancake. I hope March is much better for you. At least we should get more sunshine. Thanks so much for linking up with #ourweekendhappy and we hope to see you back again soon. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  23. I absolutely hate driving in the snow too. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever walked as much. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling your best. I am hoping that as the weather improves, so to will your mood. X

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