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As you may know, we are big fans of Playmobil in our house. And we have quite a few sets now. In fact both Caitlin and Aaron have a big massive tub each just for their Playmobil toys. With Easter just a few week away, we were sent out two of their Easter Eggs.

There are currently 4 different Easter Eggs sets to choose from. The two we got are Vet with Foals and Vikings with Shield. The other two sets you can get are Fairies with Magic Cauldron and One-on-One Basket Ball. All four of the Easter Eggs are priced at £6.99 each. These make a lovely gift for Easter if you are looking for something that isn’t made from chocolate. And as Playmobil are a top manufacturer within preschool toys these are perfect for little ones and they can play with them over and over again.


Playmobil Easter Eggs Review

Playmobil Easter Eggs


Each of the Easter Eggs are brightly coloured and are easy to take apart and put back together.  There is a photo on the back of the packaging of what is inside the egg, so if you want it to be a surprise, I suggest you give the kids the Easter egg out of the cardboard.

Here are my two putting together the sets that they got.


Caitlin and Arron opening their Playmobil Easter Eggs | Serenity You


And here are what they got inside. In the Vet and Foal set you get a vet, 3 baby foals, a fence with two little birds, a vet case with all he tools a vet needs and some bandages for the foals legs.

In the Vikings set you get a viking man with his son, both have helmets and swords, a viking shield with fire coming out with 2 axes.


Playmobil Easter Egg Vet with Foal set

Playmobil Easter egg Vikings with Shield set


The kids loved both these sets and are a great Easter treat. Do you kids have any of these? Which is your favourite?  Let me know in the comments

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Playmobil Easter Eggs sets | Serenity You


I received these toys in return for this post. All opinions are mine.

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  1. They are a really good idea for non chocolate based gifts that would actually be used as opposed to some of the tat you see, playmobil really make everything we are huge fans of the advent calendars

  2. What a fantastic alternative to chocolate for an Easter gift. I don’t mind him eating one easter egg, but since he already gets one from his grandmother I’m definitely on the look out for alternatives. We’re a bit horse mad over here right now so the foal one looks like it’d be very popular in this family!

  3. I honestly didn’t know that Playmobil did these easter eggs but they are such a great alternative to chocolate which is gone in a few minutes. I think for me the Viking set is the one I would want!

  4. i love this! it really adds an element of sentimentality to easter. i know for some people easter is a really special time and i feel like a gift such as this as well as chocolate is just gotten

  5. These are a great idea, they get chocolate eggs from friends and family, so something a bit different would be much better value!

  6. I am always amazed at the thought and detail that goes in to Playmobil toys. I love the different sets that they do. They really do think of everything in terms of detail. The hospital one looks great.

  7. I had no idea that Playmobil did Easter eggs. I love these and much prefer to give the children only small amounts of chocolate so these are a great alternative. Thank you.

  8. This is actually a good alternative, especially for people with allergies that can’t eat chocolate eggs.