Buying Clothes That Actually Fit from Simply Be

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Last year I wrote a post about me and my husband wearing smaller clothes to help us lose weight and not bother buying new clothes in bigger sizes. Now, doing this actually worked for my husband. He lost more weight and both the t-shirts he got fit him perfectly. But it didn’t work for me. My weight is really not moving. I do have a thyroid problem that is borderline but not at treatable level. This is not helping me at all when trying to lose weight. I am planning on exercising more, but even that can be hard as I get out of breath quite quickly due to my low iron levels, caused by my thyroid.

So instead of saving all my smaller clothes, I sorted all my wardrobe out and gave all the things that didn’t fit me anymore to charity. But after I was done, the wardrobe was almost bare. I only have a few clothes that actually fit me now, so when I was asked to try a few items from Simply Be I jumped at the chance.

I ordered 2 pairs of jeggings in a size 14 in two different colours, as it’s the trouser department I am lacking in the most. A gorgeous Freya sports bra for going to the gym, as my current one is the wrong size. And I treated myself to some new knickers. Which, by the way, I only have a few pair now as I have also outgrown these.


My New Jeggings

Most of my weight is around my belly. It is quite rounded and I do sometimes look pregnant. Just to let you know, I am holding my belly in on these photos. My thighs are not fat and quite slim, which actually makes it hard buying jeans, and normally they fit around the thigh, but wont fasten around the waist, or they will fit perfectly around my waist but be massive and baggy on my bum and thighs.

These jeggings are perfect around my waist and look great on. I little bit baggy on my thighs and back of my knees, but not too bad at all. I love that these have pockets on the bum to give it a nicer shape and not make it look to big.


simply be jeggings

simply be jeggings

simply be jeggings - Clothes that actually fit me


Freya Sports Bra

My Freya sports bra is now my favourite item of clothing I own. All my bras I currently wear are a 34DD, but they are really tight around the band and dig in and leave me with red marks. So I needed to go up a band size, but I have read that if you need to go up a band size but the cup still fits, then you should also go down a cup size. If that makes sense. So I went for a 36D and was praying that it fit me.

And when it arrived that was the first thing I tried on and well and behold it was a perfect fit!!

It is so comfy too! I could wear this in place of all my normal bras. Just having a great bra that actually fits gives me even more confidence to go to the gym and run on that bloody treadmill.


Freya Sports bra from Simply Be

Freya Sports bra from Simply Be

3 Little Buttons


I was sent out the above items in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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