What Should be in Your Bathroom but Probably Isn’t

If you have functional features like a toilet, sink, shower or bath, then you’re half way to creating your dream bathroom.

However, there are several things which can be added to take the functionality of this room to the next level.

These can be small adjustments which make your bathroom warmer, or more hygienic. But as this room can often be visited by judging guests, anything that can improve it is worth a go!


What Should Be In Your Bathroom But Probably Isn't


If you are looking for a way to boost your bathroom efficiency and have a house that is the envy of everyone who enters it, then read on to find some cheap and easy ways to achieve this:

A pair of bathroom bins

You may already have a bathroom bin and, in turn, are enjoying the benefits of not having empty toothpaste tubes or shampoo bottles cluttering up the room. Naturally, the only thing better than a bathroom bin is…two bathroom bins.

It can be highly beneficial to incorporate two bins into this room, as this will allow you to use one for recycling and the other for general waste. Not only will this bolster your family’s effort to reduce your household’s carbon footprint, but your bathroom organisation will become immense!

Plastic wall panels

If you are still using tiles in your bathroom, chances are that mouldy grout and ice-cold mornings are beginning to get on your nerves. Choosing to replace your tiles with plastic wall panels is an excellent solution as they are waterproof and mould-resistant, cutting down on your cleaning time.

Along with this a wet wall panel can easily be installed by gluing it on top of existing tiles, which is a great way to get better insulation in your bathroom. This will mean that the winter months are no longer a struggle!

Towel rack

Nothing ruins the relaxing, fresh atmosphere of your bathroom quite like the musty smell of damp towels.

Put down the air freshener and set up a heated towel rack in your bathroom. This way you can dry your towels quickly and avoid unnecessary stenches. As well as this, it can give your room a little boost of heat, keeping you toasty and warm after a shower.

First aid kit

An incredible amount of household accidents happen in the bathroom, so it makes sense to keep some form of first aid kit in there.

This way, if you manage to nick yourself with the razor during your morning shave, the antiseptic cream is only an arm’s reach away.

Hygienic toothbrush holder

You wouldn’t knowingly expose your toothbrush to germs, right?

Well, having your toothbrush out in the open – in the same room that you flush your toilet in daily, is doing just that. A hygienic toothbrush holder, that covers the bristles, prevents bacteria from the toilet from landing on your brush and keeps your oral hygiene in tip-top condition, is the perfect solution.


It may not be the prettiest of bathroom décor, but if you or a guest is faced with a pesky clog, having the plunger to hand is a small blessing.

If you can’t bear to have it on display, then tucking this tool away in a bathroom cupboard is worth considering to avoid any awkward encounters in the future.

As you can see, there are plenty of essentials that can be easily forgotten about but will keep your bathroom as efficient as possible.

Following these tips will have you wondering how you ever lived without these items in your bathroom before!


What Should Be In Your Bathroom But Probably Isn't


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11 comments on “What Should Be In Your Bathroom But Probably Isn’t”

  1. That post made me smile as well as think. My bathroom is so small that I can barely turn around in it. It is also home to an item that is there but probably shouldn’t: a cat litter tray.

    I love the idea of plastic wall tiles as I think traditional tiling has its limits.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post.

  2. Interesting stuff – not sure I fancy plastic wall panels though. I think I’d find them too clinical/industrial a feel for a home.

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