I have always been a big believer in horoscopes. I am a Capricorn and I would say that I am true to my sign, but sometimes can overlap to Aquarius. I was born on the 15th of January and Capricorn star sign runs from 22nd December – 19th January. It is often believed that if you are born on a cusp, (towards the beginning or end of your star sign) that you can also have traits of the star sign close by.


2018 Office Horoscope


www.furniture-work.co.uk have just made an ebook about your office horoscope of 2018. For me, my Capricorn perdition is mostly spot on. It says that I am shy in the work place and work best independently and not as a team. Which is me down to a tee. It also says that I am finding things difficult to get done, but this will improve as the year goes on. This too, is true for me. January and the first half of February I hardly did any blog work. I just didn’t feel motivated at all. But I am just starting to get in my stride now. The only thing that is wrong is it says that my “desk would easily win a competition for the tidiest and most organised desk“. I do like to try to be organised, but I’m not. I have papers everywhere, cups of tea, sticky notes, cereal bowls all scattered around me. My desk is more like a Gemini’s, very messy! I do move slightly over to Aquarius, with the fact that they work best listening to music, as I do too. I don’t know why, but Indian music really helps me to concentrate and I can get so much more done while listening to it.


Do you believe in your horoscopes? Take a look at the ebook and let me know if your office horoscope rings true to what they have predicted. 





This is a collaborated post. All opinions are mine.

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6 comments on “What Your Office Horoscope Says About You #2018OfficeHoroscope”

  1. Interesting read thanks
    I used to love horoscopes – these days its more a case of whats going on in my life – i’ll have a look later ! Ive never been a typical Gemini !

  2. I haven’t read many horoscopes recently – funnily enough we were all reading the chinese new year horoscope and what it means for you in our office today!!

  3. I’m a Leo – Creative, passionate, cheerful, humorous, inflexible and difficulty facing reality – or as my work colleague says – a bloody idiot!

  4. I don’t believe at all, but they can be a great tool for self-exploration. They can tell you a lot about what you believe about yourself. And inspire you to look outside other people’s perception of you, to what traits and behaviours you really connect with and want to work towards or away from. So despite disbelieving in them, I have a general positive view of them, and if people hold their star sign close to their heart I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

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