What Your Office Horoscope Says About You #2018OfficeHoroscope

I have always been a big believer in horoscopes. I am a Capricorn and I would say that I am true to my sign, but sometimes can overlap to Aquarius. I was born on the 15th of January and Capricorn star sign runs from 22nd December – 19th January. It is often believed that if you are born on a cusp, (towards the beginning or end of your star sign) that you can also have traits of the star sign close by.


2018 Office Horoscope


www.furniture-work.co.uk have just made an ebook about your office horoscope of 2018. For me, my Capricorn perdition is mostly spot on. It says that I am shy in the work place and work best independently and not as a team. Which is me down to a tee. It also says that I am finding things difficult to get done, but this will improve as the year goes on. This too, is true for me. January and the first half of February I hardly did any blog work. I just didn’t feel motivated at all. But I am just starting to get in my stride now. The only thing that is wrong is it says that my “desk would easily win a competition for the tidiest and most organised desk“. I do like to try to be organised, but I’m not. I have papers everywhere, cups of tea, sticky notes, cereal bowls all scattered around me. My desk is more like a Gemini’s, very messy! I do move slightly over to Aquarius, with the fact that they work best listening to music, as I do too. I don’t know why, but Indian music really helps me to concentrate and I can get so much more done while listening to it.


Do you believe in your horoscopes? Take a look at the ebook and let me know if your office horoscope rings true to what they have predicted. 





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