Num Noms Inspired Pancakes #NumNomsPancakeDay

One of our favourite days of the year is Pancake Day and me and the kids always have pancakes for tea. The husband doesn’t, as he doesn’t like them, so he’ll just have a cheese toastie or something. This year we have been sent some Num Noms and been asked to take the Num Noms Pancake Challenge. Along with the packs of Num Noms we also received some sweet goodies to help us make our pancakes.



Normally, I make my own pancakes from scratch. You can find the recipe for my Easy Peasy Pancakes here. But has we was sent some pancake mix we used that. All you do is add water and shake. I added a bit of pink food colouring to the mixture as I thought the pancakes would look cute with a bit of colour. Amongst the goodies we got was a s heart pan, so we made some pink heart pancakes!



We also make some round pancakes and added Nutella and sprinkles and rolled them up. And made some with candy floss and marshmallows. These were the kids favourites. The candyfloss tasted really nice melted onto a hot pancake.



These were a real treat and we can’t wait to have some more tonight once the kids get home from school. It’s going to be great at bedtime with all the sugar overload!

And has Caitlin made the best pancake with the candyfloss and marshmallows she was crowned the Num Noms Pancake Champion.




We was sent a Num Noms goodie bag in return for this post. All opinions are mine. 

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