The New LOL Surprise Confetti Pop!


My daughter Caitlin is a big fan of the LOL Surprise toys, which is not surprising really at they was the number one best-selling toy of 2017. Today, (14th February) is the day the brand new LOL Surprise series 3 hits the shop. And this one has 9 layers, instead of the usual 7 layers to unwrap. The Confetti Pop, also has a great surprise in it too!

Take a look at my daughter unlayering the Confetti Pop and 2 new series 3 Lil Sisters




Ok, so the ‘surprise’ confetti pop didn’t go to plan. That will teach her for not reading the instructions! But the confetti can be put back in and the lid pushed back on and you can ‘pop’ it off over and over again!

As it is also friendship day, Cailtin got an extra Lil sister to give away to one of her friends. Her friend absolutely loved it, as she is a big fan of LOL Surprise too.

The new LOL Surprise Confetti Pop is priced around £10.99, and the Lil Sisters are £5.99. There are also the adorable LOL Surprise Pets too, which I love so much, which are priced around £9.99. You can see our review of one of the LOL Surprise Pets here.

Here are some photos of the Confetti Pop


LOL Surprise Confetti Pop review

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop review

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop review

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop review


And here are the Lil Sisters



So, what do you think to the new LOL Surprise Confetti Pop!?

I think it maybe the best dolls yet, but I have to admit, I really have a soft spot for the Pets. They are just so cute!

You can see all our other LOL Surprise reviews here

You can buy LOL Surprise now from The Entertainer and Argos.


LOL Surprise Confetti Pop review


Family Fever


LOL Surprise Confetti Pop review


I received the above toys in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. These seem to be all the rage at the moment. We haven’t come across them ourselves, as my children haven’t really shown an interest, but I know they were huge at Christmas! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. My five year old daughter collects the lol little sister dolls, she hasnt seen these yet but I know when she does she will have to have one, she loves opening the little sister lines so she would be over joyed opening one of these ones xXx