The January’s Degustabox was all based on a New Year, A New You. With a few healthier products to try out. I must admit, I am hoping to get more healthy and fitter this year, and I have set myself a goal of 100 of the gym. So, that means this year, out of 365 days, 100 of them I have to go to the gym and workout. So far I have been twice!! So, I am way off target at the moment. I think it’s this miserable cold weather. it makes me just want to stay wrapped up with a blanket in my nice warm house. Anyway, on with the box. Check out the video below of me opening the box and my first thoughts on each item.


And here is everything together:



My Thoughts



Hersheys Cookies N Creme

I love Hersheys, in fact as you may know, I love any chocolate. This is a 5 piece snack pack, so just enough for us all to try one each. This was a yummy cookies and creme flavour with real bits of cookies in it. We all enjoyed this one. This is £1.00 for the whole pack.

My overall rating 

Jordans Frusli Bars

These were both red berrie flavour and we have had these before. I love these and so do the kids, which is great as normally they not over keen on the ‘healthy’ cereal bars. These are priced at 45p each, so not a bad price at all.

My overall rating 

Mallow & Marsh Coconut Marshmallow Bar

Obversily I couldn’t try this one as I am a vegetarian. Husband and Caitlin don’t like marshmallow, so that left Ryan and Aaron, but both of them don’t like coconut. Aaron did give it a try, but as the actually marshmallow is covered in desiccated coconut he didn’t like it and spat it out. This is priced at £1.35.

My overall rating 


I really like the Pulsin Protein Booster and I actually won some just before Christmas on their twitter account. This one is Vanilla Choc Chip. It has a cookie dough taste with choc chips. This is perfect for eating before I hit the gym (I promise I am going to go next week). This is priced at £1.59.

Also included in this month’s Degustabox is a Protein Powder from Pulsin. This was vanilla flavour and really tasty. And I am happy to say, it’s suitable for vegetarians too. Priced at £1.99.

My overall rating for both 



Explore Cuisine Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine

This is made with edamame and mung beans and quite tasty. I used it as I would pasta and serve it olive oil, ricotta cheese and basil. It is gluten free and high in protein and fibre. It’s a bit on the pricey side at £3.00 a box.

My overall rating 

Miso Tasty Spicy Ramen Noodle Kit

I didn’t think I was going to like this, but to my surprise I did. Still not over keen on the miso soup base, but loved the noodles, spices and seaweed. This is priced at £1.99.

My overall rating 



Robinsons Fruit Cordial

This comes in 3 different flavours, I got the Raspberry, Rhubarb & Orange Blossom. I really loved this, I am a big fan of raspberries and you could really taste them in this. This comes in a glass bottle, so when the kids kept trying to nick some, I said that it was in a glass bottle as it’s for adults only. Will be buying this again. Priced at £2.49.

My overall rating 

Mahtay Yerba Mate Sparkling Tea

I can’t really say much about this one as I gave it to my husband, and he still hasn’t told me what he thought of it. This is priced at £1.49.

LighterLife Fast Ready to Drink Shakes

We got to try out both the strawberry and vanilla flavoured drinks. But I could only have the vanilla one as the strawberry is not suitable for vegetarians. The vanilla one was really creamy and tasty like a nice milkshake. Would have this flavour again. Bit pricey for £2.49 a bottle.

My overall rating 

Clipper Everyday Organic Tea

What can I say, this is my favourite tea of all time. I already have plenty of this in my kitchen so this little pack hasn’t even been opened yet. But I can say, I love it. A full sized version is priced at £3.69 for a pack of 100 tea bags.

My overall rating 




Latin American Kitchen

I got two items from this brand. The first is a Seasoned Corn Coating. It’s made for chicken but I have been thinking about trying it out on some veggies. Just haven’t got around to it yet. This is priced at 90p

The other item is a Chipotle Mayo Topping. It has a creamy, slightly hot and a little bit smoky taste to it. I have been having it with some falafels and they go really well together. This one is priced at £1.80.

My overall rating 

Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks

Both my boys are big fans of tuna, so they both couldn’t wait to try this out. They both really enjoyed this tuna, but a bit pricey at £3.49 a tin. But they did say it’s the best they have tasted, so will get again as a treat.

My overall rating 



That’s everything for this month. Can you guess what my favourite item is? Of course, it’s the Clipper tea. But I did also really like the Robinsons cordial, Pulsin protein powder and the Hershey’s chocolate.

Have you tried any of these items yet? What is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

And don’t forget you can get your first Degustabox for just £7.99. Just code this code at checkout : 9U02B


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I received the above Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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19 comments on “January’s New You Degustabox Review”

  1. Hershey’s is something I’ve always wanted to try! For £1 for a pack I really need too ha ha! I love the idea of the Degustabox, I’ve never heard of them before!

  2. Fab selection this month – pulsin is one of my favourite snacks – keep meaning to try the Latin american range – 4 stars better get cooking!

  3. Great review. I always like trying new weird and wonderful food. You never know when you will come across your next favourite.

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