Is Corduroy Making a Comeback? #CorduroyComeback


When I think of corduroy, the first think that come to mind is a middle-aged man, who is quite posh but also nerdy. But corduroy is making a comeback and is now on the catwalk. So wearing corduroy in 2018 will mean you are very trendy. I have never worn cords myself but when my eldest son was a baby, I used to dress him all the time in cute corduroy trousers with a cute knitted jumper. so all the middle age men that wear cords that are seen as geeky are now top of the fashion trend.

It doesn’t just to be all the men that can look cool with their cord trousers and cord jackets. You can also accessorise with corduroy hats and coats or even introduce it to your home with cord bean bags and cushions. Chums have some lovely items to make you look proper dapper. And take a look at the infographic below detailing the history of cords.


Is Corduroy Making a Comeback? #CorduroyComeback


Here are a few corduroy items I love!!



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6 comments on “Is Corduroy Making a Comeback? #CorduroyComeback”

  1. My husband is a big fan of corduroy. He prefers them to regular trousers and has them in many different colours. I have not worn corduroy ever but the Tulip Dress you have picked looks lovely. And priced reasonably too!

  2. I haven’t worn corduroy since I was a child, I can still remember the noise when you walk from your legs rubbing each other!

  3. I think it looks great. I’m not totally sold on how it feels to touch, but it’s not the worst. I like how it creates such a depth of colour wherever it’s used.

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