At this time a year lot’s of people are on the roads. They are either going to shopping centres to get all their Christmas present or on long car journey’s to visit family and loved ones. Travelling with kids can be stressful at this time of year, with the amount of people on the roads and even the weather causing long delays. Kwik Fit have put together an ebook with What to know before you go. So I thought I would also put together a little guide of what you need on a long car journey when travelling with kids.


Long Car Journey Essentials You Need When Travelling with Kids


Car essentials

First off, the most important thing is to make sure your car is well maintained. Check the tyres, brakes, lights, oil, fluid levels etc are all in good working order before you even get in your car. Keep a first aid kit in the boot, along with a blanket and a spade in case you break down or get snowed in.

Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks. There is nothing worse than having a hungry whinging child. And don’t forget plenty of spare carrier bags. I use one for all the rubbish and a few others as sick bags. Also pack plenty of baby wipes in case one of the kids does have an accident.

Games to Play

The easiest game to play when travelling is I-spy, but my kids can get bored of this pretty quickly. So, I also like to pack colouring books, sticker or activity books and a tablet. If you pack a tablet make sure it is fully charged and the games that you download don’t need an internet connection to work. And make sure you pack a battery pack just in case their tablets do run low on battery power.

I have found quite a few free printables which are perfect for kids and I also have a travel and packing tips board with loads more ideas. Go take a look.


Long Car Journey Essentials You Need When Travelling with Kids


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