Me and my husband don’t really go out that often. He works Friday and Saturday nights so we have never really gone out to pubs or clubs at the weekend. We do always go out for a meal together every year on our anniversary and my mum will babysit my 3 kids. For new Years Eve we stay at home and play board games and have a sing with the kids. Last year I did say that I would like to go out this New Years Eve, but then changed my mind. But has New Year Eve is getting closer I am starting to change my mind again. I haven’t been out in over 8 years for New Years Eve and would love to go out again and party before I feel I am too old for it.

But then the problem crops up. Who will look after my kids for me? My mum has already made plans and my sister is going to stay with her partners family. All my friends are already going out themselves and that leaves me stuck for a babysitter. well, I was until I found this site –

Sitters is a site that helps parents find local babysitters in their area. All their sitters are referenced-checked and all  have professional childcare experience. You can even see if there are families close to where you live that use sitters. So now I can find a last-minute sitter and I also know that there are families close by to me who use this service. In fact, the closest family to me who use sitters is just 3 streets away.

So I could be sorted for New Years Eve if I do decide I want to go out. If you are thinking about going out this New Years Eve but haven’t got any one reliable to look after your kids take a look if there is a babysitter for New years Eve free were you live.


How to Find a Last Minute Babysitter


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3 comments on “How to Find a Last Minute Babysitter”

  1. Hi Natasha, we never went out much when the children were little and the habit has sort of stuck with us now they are all grown up. Having a reliable babysitting service on hand must be a godsend!

    Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2018. And thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  2. I love the idea of this site, sometimes I have to go out last minute to look after family members so it’s great to know there is a safe/reliable service out there xx

  3. That sounds incredibly useful; it’s a great idea to have the information of nearby services integrated like that.

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