How to Keep your Car Maintained in Winter


Keeping your car in tip-top condition is really important, but is especially important to make sure your car is well maintained in winter. I have only just passed my driving test last weekend and got my very first car. It’s an oldish car, a year 2000 Seat Leon. It has had only one previous owner who was an old man and it also hasn’t done that many miles for its age. But even though it’s been really looked after it is quite old, so needs to be maintained and checked on quite often. So here are my tips to help you keep your car maintained in winter.


keep your car maintained in winter


Don’t Forget the Anti-Freeze

Today is the first day it has snowed this year and I haven’t yet checked my antifreeze levels in my radiator or screen wash even though my dad told me to do this. . So that is first on my list and properly one of the main things that needs checking this time of year. Without anti freeze the water could freeze and expand and damage your car.

Check Your Battery

You should check your battery is working alright. It is best to get this checked over properly if it is older than 2 years old.

Engine Oil

It is best to check your engine oil before winter arrives. You can check this with the dip stick and if it comes out black looking, it’s best to check it changed. Also make sure it’s between the minimum and maximum levels, and if it falls below, make sure to top it up.


Before you get in your car, make sure all your windows are clear of ice and frost. You can use a window screen wash made for this or just use a scraper. Also make sure your wipes are not damaged and not frozen to the window.


The cold air can make your tyre pressure lower, so make sure this is ok with a tyre pressure gauge. Also check there are no cuts or bumps in the tyres and that the minimum tread is not below 1.6mm. You can check this with a thread gauge or use a 20 pence piece. If you can see the outer rim on the coin, change your tyres. And if you are going to be driving a lot of snowy roads it maybe a good idea to check out and change to winter tyres.


Here are some more tips to look after your tyres in winter:



How to Keep your Car Maintained in Winter


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