I remember when my mum and dad first got the internet. I was about 13 or 14 and it used to take ages to connect, making that horrible dial-up noise. And the worst thing was you couldn’t use the house phone at the same time! I was always moaning at my sister to get of the internet so I could ring my friends up. Has back then we never had mobile phones, we got our first one a few years later.


Why I can't Live Without The Internet

What I use the internet for

Today, I am on the internet every single day. My full-time job is blogging so I need a reliable internet connection. I am also online nosing on facebook at what people are up to, I do my grocery shopping online, all the kid Christmas presents have been ordered online, I check my banking online, I read the news online and also read the kid’s school newsletters online every week. And sometime I even play games online, often when I should be working.

My kids are always online playing live with friends on the Playstation, watching youtube videos and even doing homework online. Everything is online, even our TV is connected to the internet so we can live steam movies and music.

Reliable Internet is a Must

So as you can see, the internet plays a big role in our family life, and to be honest, I don’t think I could live without the internet. Not now anyway, as like I mentioned before, my full-time job is a blogger which is all, (bet you can guess), online! Recently we have been having a few problems with our internet going a bit slow and dropping. This maybe because we just have the basic package and we are all online at the same time. So I have been thinking about upgrading. So, after the new year we are switching to fibre optic. I have found a great deal online at www.talktalk.co.uk/business/product/fibre. This one can boost your speed up to 76Mbps and it has 7 day UK business support – perfect for me as a blogger. And best of all, you can do more online at the same time. So there is no lagging when I am trying to do my work at the same time my eldest son is playing online with his friends.

TalkTalk have made an ebook about how people are using the internet on a daily basis and how essential a reliable broadband connection has become. Take a read of it here.

Are you online a lot? Do you have fibre? Let me know in the comments


Why I can't Live Without The Internet


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6 comments on “Why I Can’t Live Without The Internet”

  1. We can’t get fibre here. We’re 7km from the exchange right at the end of the line (annoyingly there’s an exchange 2 miles away but they won’t switch us over), and we’re lucky to get 3mbps. Recently we’ve had a few evenings of 0;86mbps download and I was screwed those days. There is some satellite broadband near us, but I’d have to pay about double, and still only get 5mbps and still have issues. We’re only in Oxfordshire, but I doubt we’ll ever get decent internet unless we club together with a couple of farms and organise it ourselves.

  2. Hi Natasha, the internet is such a big thing in our lives these days, but I’m lucky that if we lose our internet for a while it really doesn’t bother me, but then I don’t rely on it for work. We are happy with our internet speed, we pay for a maximum of 41mbps, but the highest speed we can get is 14 mbps (that’s good here) and that’s because we live near some government offices (yay!). If we didn’t pay for the faster package we’d get a maximum of 4mpbs or something like that. We live with it and are happy with that speed. When the island is full of tourists in the summer there is a definite lag in connection (the phone company denies this, but everyone notices it), and it makes me laugh when holidaymakers roll their eyeballs at the internet speed/ connection or lack of…. There has been talk of fibre optic connection being put in, maybe not in my lifetime though!


  3. I absolutely live on the internet. I often think “what on earth did we do before the internet?” It’s so good and useful for everything. I haven’t picked up a recipe book or yellow pages in years!

  4. I dont have fibre and am relatively new to the internet – id say i could live without it at a push – ask me in a few years and the answer will be MP

  5. To be honest, I am not on the internet that much. So a few days without the internet doesn’t really worry me much.

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