I haven’t reviewed that many items in the last few months, in fact, I have only reviewed 5 products and 4 of them are sweets. So this post is a short and sweet post (no pun intended).



Jet2 Wellness Box

Jet2.com and Jet2 holidays have put together some wellbeing boxes for all those that are missing the warm summer months. I must say, this box definitely cheered me up. It contained some lovely face masks, candles, teas, mini speakers, naked bar, yoga mat, yoga book, bottle, Sweet crunchy biscuits, kale crisp, earplugs, colouring book, coloured pencils and a sleep mask. The biscuit where really nice and are vegan too, I’ll be looking out to buy more of these. I really like the sleep mask too and I have been after one for a while now. The candle was my favourite item, as I just love them, especially in the colder months.

My overall rating 



Gummy Bears

These Gummy Bears are from Free From Fellows and they are vegetarian!!! Yes! The first gummy bears that I have ever seen that I can eat! These are gelatine free, gluten free and sugar free. My kids tried some and they said they like them better than the normal ones that they have! So these are definitely a winner. Just have to find where to buy them now.

My overall rating 



Cadburys Christmas Chocolate

I always buy my kids chocolate at Christmas time and a lot of it is from Cadbury’s. All off these were really nice but I especially loved the Dairy Milk Snowballs. I will be buying more of these just for myself.

My overall rating 



Jelly Babies

Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies are what I buy my grandma for Christmas every year, she just loves them. My kids love them too and they also got to try out the new Tropical flavoured Jelly Babies too. My kids loved both the original flavoured ones and the tropical ones and couldn’t decide which they like the most.

My overall rating 



Trolli Sweets

Trolli did some really amazing packs of Halloween sweets this year. The kids were all fighting over who was going to have which pack. Caitlin liked the Dracula teeth the most, while both Aaron and Ryan liked the Sour Glowworms. We used the big pack to give out to trick or treater’s and they seemed to be happy with what they got. Will be getting more of these treats from Innovative Bites in for next Halloween.

My overall rating 



That’s it for this month. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments


I received the above items in return for featuring in this post. All opinions are mine

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