Every year I find it harder and harder to find gifts for my dad. He is just the hardest person to buy for. When I ask him what he would like he just says’ don’t get me anything’, which is really helpful. My husband is the opposite, he will have a massive list of things that he wants, mainly dvd’s and chocolates. So here is my For Him Christmas Gift Guide with a few idea what you can get the men in your life this year.


For Him Christmas Gift Guide

For Him Christmas Gift Guide 2017


Star Wars T-shirt

Every male Star Wars fan think that they are some kind of Jedi, so this Star Wars Jedi T-shirt would be perfect for them.



This gorgeous Charles Conrad Watch would make a lovely gift. There are plenty of different watches to choose from but this red banded with a black face really stands out.


Buff Hat

A good old hat will keep him nice and warm this winter and this hat from Buff is really nice.


Call Of Duty WW2

Now, if the man in your life is like mine he will be a big gamer. And Call of Duty WW2 will be at the top of his list.



This little Notebook is great for keep notes or maybe he could even use it as his little black book.


Shaving Cream and Brush Set

Shaving sets are a useful gift for men and this Bluebeard Shaving Cream and Doubloon Brush set is perfect.


Travel Mug

A Travel Mug is a great idea for men on the move or those that work long hours in an office. This New York scene one is really nice.


Mrs and Mrs Game

This mini version of the Mr and Mrs Game is a great party game to play at Christmas with friends and family.


Grenade Bars

My husband loves going to the gym and after helping build his muscle up with some protein. These Grenade protein bars do just the job.


The Game of Things

The Game of Things is another great game for all the family to play together.



Now, you can’t go wrong with a pair of socks. But you don’t have to get boring plain ones, so how about these Monster Socks.




There you go. One of the items that I always buy my husband which I haven’t included in this gift guide s DVD’s. By time Christmas comes he has a list longer then my arm of all the new films he wants me to buy him.

What do you buy for husband/dad/brother etc? Anything on this list, maybe?


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  1. Hi
    I love the all ideas, especially the fab travel mug for coffee on the go, very stylish. The games are great ideas too. Specially for those long winter evenings.

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