Christmas Toy Gift Guide 2017

Well it’s that time of year again. Yes, Christmas is just a few weeks away and my kids have already wrote down their wish lists. I think this year there is more toys than there ever has been to choose from, which is making it a bit tricky for most parent to narrow it down a bit. So, I have put together this Christmas Toy Gift Guide with some of my favourites which may help you a little.

Christmas Toy Gift Guide




Super Wings Remote Control Jett

This Super Wings Jett can spin 360 degrees, can light up and make sounds. Perfect for younger kids.


Warmies Heatable Boxer Dog

This super cute Warmies Boxer Dog can be warmed up in second via a microwave and will keep you nice and cosy in bed through the colder months.


Snazaroo Face Paints

Snazaroo Face Paints are perfect for parties and special occasions, or even just for a bit of fun!


Chewbacca Light

Any Star Wars fan will love this fantastic Chewbacca colour changing light. Perfect to also use as a night-light.



Cozmo is a little clever robot with a mind of its own. Play games, have fun and watch Cozmo express real emotions.


CAT Radio Control E-Z Machine

Press the button to make the CAT Machine go forward then release the button to watch him spin in circles. Lots of fun for younger kids.


Experimake Sweet Scents and Perfume

Make your own perfume, bath salts and scented flowers with this Sweet Scents and Perfume Set


Snuggly Rascals Headphones

These fun headphones from Snuggly Rascals come in different designs including a chicken, unicorn, monster and piggy.



Splashlings are the newest collectable toys. They have cute mermaids and different fun ocean creatures


Num Noms

Another great collectable toy taking the UK by storm of these cute Num Noms 


Magic Tracks

This Magic Track can be made in any shape you want. But the car on and watch it light up the track as it goes round.


Guess The Film

It’s time to put your Disney knowledge to the test and Guess The Film. With 100 different film scene cards.



We love Playmobil in our house, even I do! So I always buy a new Playmobil set every Christmas


LOL Surprise Lil Sister

Everyone seems to have gone mad for these LOL Surprises. But I am liking the LOL Surprise Lil Sisters that are just as cute but a little bit cheaper.

I am not too sure what is, but my kids say it’s a game you can get on your phone or tablet and these are the little toys of them.


Golden Ticket Book

This personalised Book of the Golden Ticket story is a great pressie for any kid. The best bit is the story is about them and includes their name.


Stormtrooper Inflatable Remote Control

Another one for the Star Wars fan, this time is a fun Inflatable Stormtrooper RC. He’s over 40cm tall has makes sounds.


Nerf Raptor Strike

The Nerf RaptorStrike is a must have for any Nerf fan this Christmas. This comes with 2 six-dart clips and 18 darts.


Yeti in my Spaghetti

Yeti In my Spaghetti games is so fun, it’s like Kerplunk only this has a yeti in it!


Virtual Pet

This Virtual Pet is a great retro game and this one you can choose out of 32 different pets to look after.


Decorate Your Own Twinkling Tea Lights

This fab sets comes with shimmery pens, glitter glue and craft gems to make and Decorate your own Twinkling Tea Lights

Feisty Pets

There are a few different Feisty Pets to collect, the one show is Sammy Suckerpunch. These start of cute and adorable, but give them a squeeze and they change into menacing.


Lottie dolls

I love Lottie dolls and think these are the best dolls for little girls. The Lottie doll shown is the gorgeous Birthday Sophia doll.


Lava Putty

This fun Liquid Lava Putty comes in its own little tin and you can get all sorts of colours. From metallic, colour changing and glow in the dark putty something for everyone.


Rubiks Cube Junior Animals

Rubiks Cube Junior comes in 4 different animal shapes and are suitable for children age 4+.


Paddington Spot the Difference

Have fun playing this Paddington Spot the Difference game with 80 cards and 2 different difficulties.


Hape High & Low Train Set

This High and Low Train set makes a lovely Christmas present and will last for years.



The must have toy this year!! Collect all 6 different baby monkey Fingerlings.


Tinkerbell Diary

This cute A6 Tinkerbell Diary will be your best companion through 2018. With calendar, address pages, note pages and more.


Motion Control Drone

A great present for older kids and teenagers. This Motion Control Drone uses hand gestures to move.


Satchel Lunchbag

Any girl would love to own this Hot Pink Satchel Lunchbag and be the envy of all their friends at dinner time.



Chippie comes in 3 different colours and he can dance and chase their tail as well has giving you a big kiss.


Jewellery Box

This beautiful Jewellery Box with musical ballerina make a lovely gift for little girls to keep all their special pieces in.


Itty Bitty’s

I just love Itty Bitty’s and these Christmas themed ones are just fab




There you go. Lot’s of ideas here. Which one is your favourite? Are any on your kids Christmas wish lists? Let me know in the comments.


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