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I love Halloween and playing scary games and eating spooky food. Halloween seems to be getting bigger and better every year, and I am loving it. My kids really enjoy it too and we like to make a day of it and play games and really get into the spirit of it before we go out Trick or Treating. Laurence King have brought out a great game called Scary Bingo.


Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway

Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway


It’s really fun bingo game for kids and the monsters are more cute than scary. I love that each monster as a name, from Spiny Joe to Bob, Bones to Gertrude.

Each player has a board with 25 different monsters on (the boards are double-sided too!). You take turns picking a monster card from the fun little monster card holder and if you have a match you place a pink and blue counter over the monster on your playing board. The first to cover all their monsters shouts out ‘Scary bingo’ and is the winner.


Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway

Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway


This is a great game for all ages and I even got my 12-year-old, Ryan to play. Which is a miracle in its self as he is always glue to is Playstation 4.

The game also has a large board with all the monsters on and when you pick a monster card up you can cover it with the card on the board so you know how many monsters are still left to draw out.


Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway

Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway

Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway

Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway

Scary Bingo Game Review & Giveaway


This is such a really fun game and the monster are really bright and fun. You can have hours of fun with this. You can buy this for £14.99



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I received a copy of this game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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