Yeah, the kids are finally going back to school next week. I know, I’m a bit of a meanie mummy, but I have had to listen to my 3 kids every day for the last 6 weeks whine and moan about everything! Apparently I am a bad mum because I didn’t buy an ice cream from the ice cream van everyday like some of their friends parents did. I’m a bad mum as I didn’t get the paddling pool out everyday the sun was out, and I’m a bad mum as our pool isn’t has big has our neighbours pool. The list goes on. So I am looking forward to them going back to school, on Wednesday and getting back into a routine and being able to clean the house without it being a mess within 10 minutes.

But the one thing I am a good mum at is getting them great back to school stuff! I have got them quite a few item this year, in fact I have spoilt them a bit. We have also received some lovely items from Personalised Gifts Shop ready for them going back to school.


Win a Personalised Back to School Bundle on Serenity You


And not only have they give me and my kids some great goodies. They are also giving one of my readers some great goodies too. Yes, one person will have the chance to win all the items I have got in the above photo, which includes:

  • Back Pack
  • Pencil Case
  • Drinks Bottle
  • PE Bag
  • Lunch Box
  • Note Pad
  • Pencil
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Owl Sharpener & Eraser
  • Jar of Sweets


The winner will have a choice of a few designs of most of the items. The total cost of the bundle is worth £75+

Here is a closer look at some of the items you could choose:



I am really loving the jar of sweets. I got this one personalised for my nephew, Morgan, who will be going into reception and he is really looking forward to his first day at school.

Caitlin love her new PE bag, as it’s bright pink and with her name and class on. Most kids have the same standard school PE bag, but Caitlin is always losing hers, so hopefully with this one we wont have that problem.



To enter the giveaway just fill in the gleam widget below. All entries opinions are optional, but the more you do the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close on Saturday 16th September 2017. Good Luck

Win a Personalise Back to School Bundle

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87 comments on “Win a Personalised Back to School Bundle”

  1. I love them all but especially the back pack. My youngest granddaughter Matilda is starting in Reception next week and so excited to be a big school girl like her big sister. I’ll be child free most days (apart from 2 after-school pick ups) for the first time in eight years!

  2. Our favourites are the lunch box and the pencil case – can’t decide which is best. Don’t know anyone just starting school this year.

  3. All of it but think the backpack as my daughter loves unicorns. Dont know any one starting school but my daughter is moving from infants to jubiors when she goes back.

  4. My nephew is starting school this year he is very excited especially as his big brother goes to the same school! Lots of lovely things my favourite has to be the the backpack as I know my daughter would love it!

  5. My favourite is the back pack. My son is going into p3 this year but I have a lot of friends who have little ones started p1 this year.

  6. I like the personalised water bottle because at my son’s school they have a drink with them during lessons but my son always seems to loose his.

  7. The water bottle! My kids are forever loosing theirs! My daughter started school last September so this will be her secon year!

  8. The backpack is my favourite item! The whole giveaway is brilliant and great products. I always find it hard to find items with my daughters name on them. A few of my friends children are starting school This year

  9. love the backpack. my daughter, five nephews and 1 neice who all live with me are startign school in september, shopping how been mad with this crew in tow!

  10. please let me know on the blog post, which of the items in the prize bundle you like the most. And do you know anyone who is just starting school this September? . . . . my grandson Sam will be in year 1 and our favourite item is . . . . the backpack

  11. Lunchbox. Yes, and starting school is such an exciting event. Nice to have the children all prepared for the / their big day.

  12. I like the Sports bag, our little Grandson has a September birthday so he missed the start by a few days, but he is starting a Nursery

  13. the bag is my favourite and my little brother Christopher started school yesterday !! 🙂 xx (He’s 29 years younger than me !!! – ha ha ha) xx

  14. With my little boy going into his last year in pre-school I’m very aware of some of his pals just starting their journey at ‘big’ school…knowing full well – this time next year it’s his turn… x I have my eye on the nice sandwich box 🙂

  15. I love the water bottle, my son always drinks a lot throughout the day. My son has just started year 1 and he loves it although he’s rather angry that we “didn’t go to Spain in the holidays” like his school friends haha xx

  16. l love the little back pack, it is so cute. My twin boys first day of school is tomorrow (12th), I think I am more nervous than they are and I am going to miss them like mad

  17. I like the pencil case and owl rubber. My friend’s son is starting school this year. It’s been nice to read that I’m not the only mean mum lol x

  18. I really love the water bottle! I love the fact it’s personalised so little ones know which bottle is theirs. My little grand-daughter starts school in the next 2 weeks!

  19. My niece just started school last monday, she really enjoyed it. I like the wooden pencil case with a ruler top, I used to have one just like it when I was little, brings back memories!

  20. Awesome giveaway I love the back pack my daughter loses all her thing she in school so be amazing to have her name on them thanks for the chance

  21. I like the PE bag best; really useful. A few of my friends’ children started school for the first time this September; my little boy starts next September.

  22. I like the backpack with the unicorn on for my daughter and my son has just started nursery this September so the personalised items would be great for him too x

  23. I love the wooden pencil case and of course the sweets 🙂 I don’t know a new starter but my daughter has just started a new school. Settling in well

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