Cortex Challenge is the second game we have received as part of being a Board Game Club blogger. You can see our review of the first game we received here. Cortex Challenge is suitable for ages 8+ and for 2-6 players. The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect all their brain pieces, and you do this by being the first to answer the question cards.

The question cards have 8 different themes – mazes, memory, colour, coordination, duplicates, frequency, reasoning and touch challenge.


Cortex Challenge Game Review #BoardGameClub

Cortex Challenge Game Review #BoardGameClub


How to Play

Before you start the game, everyone gets to have a feel of the 10 touch challenge cards. Once everyone is ready, these cards are put to one side.

All the other cards are placed in the middle faced down. On the top side of each card is a log which represent one of the challenges, so you know what it will be before you turn the card over. When ready, turn the card over to see the challenge, then as soon as someone know the answer they put their hand over the card and say the answer. If they answered right they get to keep the card, if not, put it to the bottom of the pile.

Sometimes the top card will be a touch challenge card. When this one turns up if the last player got their answer right they get to have ago. He or she must look away while the other players decided which of the 10 touch challenge cards they are going to give them. They then have to guess what the picture is just by feeling the card. If they answer wrong, play continues on, if they answer right they get to have one of their brain pieces.

When you win a card, you keep them in front of you, but you are only allowed 4 cards at one time, so if you win another, you must swap it with one you already have. When you have two card with the same challenge logo on, you can swap then two cards for a piece of brain. The first one to collect all their brain pieces wins.


Cortex Challenge Game Review #BoardGameClub

Cortex Challenge Game Review #BoardGameClub

Cortex Challenge Game Review #BoardGameClub


This was a really great family game and even though both Caitlin and Aaron are only 6 & 7, they really enjoyed this game. in fact it was Caitlin that won. She was pretty happy that she beat everyone and started doing some dabbing to celebrate.


Cortex Challenge Game Review #BoardGameClub


This game would make a great addition to any family game night and would also be a great stocking filler or gift. The RRP of this game is £12.99.




Cortex Challenge Game Review #BoardGameClub


Family Fever


I received this game in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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