It’s been a while since I last updated you on what I have been watching on Amazon Prime Video, but I can tell you we have watched it loads through the school holiday and we have had quite a few movie nights.

The main thing that the kids have been watch are episodes of Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Spongebob Squarepants, H20 – Just add Water and Just Add Magic.

Just Add Magic is an Amazon Original and consists of 2 series. My daughter Caitlin loved this programme so much, and even her eldest brother Ryan who is 12 quite liked it. Which is pretty amazing as normally the only thing he likes are action movies and in Playstation 4. I watched most of the episodes too as it was a really good programme. We just hope that they will be making another series.

One programme my eldest son is obsessed with is The Walking Dead. Seasons 1-6 is available to watch free on prime, and you can pay to watch series 7. Ryan is always talking about how good this programme is, and even his aunt and uncle really love it. Ryan has been trying is best-est to try to get me to watch it too, so this maybe the next thing to watch on my list.



We watched quite a few films through the holiday. My favourite being Practical Magic. It used to be one of my favourite films as a teenager and me and my sister used to pretend we was witches just like the film.



Other films we watched include The Mask, Contact, The Addams Family, Charlotte’s Web, Ace Ventura, Fallen, Horrible Bosses and a new film Arrival.


I have also finished watching the whole series of The Following, which I can highly recommend. I really loved it and it had so many twists and turns. Another one I watched was The Fall with Gillian Anderson in. I have only watched the first 2 series and I can’t wait for the 3rd series to hurry and arrive on Amazon prime!


Have you watched any of these programmes or films? What do you recommend watching on Amazon Prime Video? Let me know in the comments.


What I have been watching on Amazon Prime Video


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5 comments on “Watch We Have Been Watching on Amazon Prime Video”

  1. Practical Magic is fantastic! And the kids, of course, love Paw Patrol =) They also really like Tumble Leaf and Messi goes to Okido.
    My partner and I did enjoy The Walking Dead, just not so much after season 3, started to feel a little dragged out after then I think personally.
    Will have to take a look at Just Add Magic and see what my little ones think!

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