7 Amazing Muscle Building Foods

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Want to build muscles but not sure how to go about it? Have you been trying but all you get is frustration and are almost giving up? Well, mass muscle building is an art which many people are not able to master but one you can perfect with the right kind of approach. There is a secret of not only building muscles but being able to maintain them and this normally requires you to eat the right diet and do the right workouts.


7 Amazing Muscle Building foods


Apart from knowing what to eat, it is also important to know how or when to eat even as you hit the gym. Make sure to balance your carbohydrates, fats and protein in correct rations so as to achieve your goals. Here are 7 incredible muscle building foods you should consider as part of your muscle building regime: –

1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a very nutritious grain which you can consume to help in your muscle building efforts. The food is generally health and packed with complete proteins which helps provide your body with all the 9 essential amino acids. It is also rich in dietary fiber and completes carbohydrates. Quinoa also contains vitamin B6, iron and magnesium thus supporting cell health and growth. The grain is also very easy to digest and a great superfood to consider at any given time. You can visit CookingDetective.com to learn more about quinoa and it’s health benefits.

2. Milk

Milk is one of the most nutritious drinks and is loaded with great nutritious calories suitable for body building. It is rich in whey and casein proteins and also offers a punch of electrolyte minerals magnesium, potassium and calcium. It is also a good source of Vitamins A, B and D. Drinking whole milk is a great way for taking in mass gain food. Another factor which makes milk a great muscle building food is that it is rich in fat which helps boost the production of testosterone which helps in quality weight gains. You can use your milk alongside cereals for breakfast.

3. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the best sources of protein but unfortunately one of the most overlooked by many people seeking to build great quads and big biceps. Cheese is rich in calcium and amino-rich protein which makes it an exceptionally versatile food for bodybuilders. Cottage cheese is also rich in magnesium, iron, phosphorus and Vitamins A, B1 and B2. It also supplies the body with casein protein which is essential for muscle building process sustenance.

4. Ground beef

Although many people look at red meat as an “evil food”, the truth of the matter is that it’s a great option for bodybuilding efforts. Ground beef is basically bad for your health when consumed together with sugar-laden and highly processed sauces. If you are seeking to bulk up and use full-force intensity workouts (weights and cardio), ground beef will be a rich source of complete proteins, calories, B vitamins, iron and zinc.

5. Nuts

Raw nuts are a good source of saturated fats which boosts the functionality of the brain, cell wall integrity, nerve conduction and heart health. You should consider nuts such as almonds, walnuts and peanuts as these are suited for rounding up your nutrient balance. Raw nuts are rich in carbohydrates, protein and fats not to mention that they are also a good source of antioxidants such as alpha-tocopherol vitamin E. They are also heavily loaded with calories.

6. Eggs

It will be hard to mention muscle building foods without talking about eggs. Boiled eggs are basically the best but you still can cook them differently but one sure thing is that you’ll get a good boost of proteins from each one of them. Each egg supplies your body with 7 to 8 grams of protein which is good for your muscle building endeavor.

7. Fish

Fish is another great food you should consume when seeking to build muscles. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins but on top of this it also has complete quality proteins which are very good for muscle building. Fish also has many other nutrients which work well in maintaining healthy muscles.

These are some of the most amazing super foods for muscle building and eating them in the right proportions and at the right time will definitely have a huge impact on your campaign. There are also other foods you could consider and these are equally nutritious and effective. These include soy beans, skinless chicken, oats, yogurt and sweet potatoes. Apart from muscle building, all these foods are also a good source of essential nutrients which you need for healthy living. The foods should be eaten and balanced with the right intensity workouts if you are to succeed.

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