Today – 18th August 2017 – see’s the new release of Playmobil’s new Dragons range. The How to Train Your Dragon range is Playmobil’s second range of licensed products with the first being the Ghostbuster range that was released earlier this year.

My little Boy, Aaron, was really excited about this new Playmobil Dragons range and couldn’t wait to open the boxes and play with them.



We received 3 different sets and each one include a ‘How to train your dragon’ Dragon along with a playmobil figure based on the characters.

Aaron’s favourite set was the Hiccup & Toothless which is priced at £29.99. This one is different to the other sets has this dragon lights up and can also shoot arrows out from his mouth. Aaron had so much fun seeing how far he could get the arrows to go.



The other two sets were Drago & Thunderclaw and Astrid & Stormfly. These are both priced at £24.99.



All the dragons can stand up freely by themselves and each of the playmobil figures can also stand and ride on the dragons backs. The figures also come with a weapon.

I really like these dragons and love how they really look like they do in the film.



I personally like Drago & Thunderclaw the most, while Caitlin preferred Astrid & Stormfly. I think this was because Astrid, the Playmobil figure looked a bit like her with the long blonde hair.

I think the Playmobil Dragons Range is a great addition, both Caitlin and Aaron really seem to love them. But I must admit that I do still love original Playmobil sets with all the little bits and pieces.

What do you think of this new range??

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Playmobil Dragons range - How to train your dragon - review

I received the above Playmobil sets in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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