Me and my kids are big fans of Lego. I used to love playing with it when I was younger but I didn’t have much of my own, so I used to love playing with my friends sets. I have bought my kids a lot of different sets from the basic blocks starter set to some really great Pirates of the Caribbean sets with ships, gold and swords.

We have just received this brilliant new Lego Elves set to play with. This one is called The Capture of Sophie Jones.

The magical world of Elvendale where the LEGO Elves Azari, Farran, Naida and Aira live faces dark times now the King Goblin and his goblins have hatched an evil plan.

Emily Jones’ little sister Sophie has followed Emily through the portal to the magical kingdom Elvendale, however without her big sister and her elf friends, Sophie gets captured by the evil Goblin King and his mischievous goblins. The LEGO Elves must unite the magic and go on a dangerous mission to search for Sophie and also recover Emily’s prescious Amulet which has been stolen. If the Goblin King finds the amulet he will become the most powerful being in Elvendale and evil will takeover the enchanted land.

Explore the secret Goblin Village without getting caught, chase after the stolen amulet, search for precious crystals and help protect Sophie Jones in the most recent adventures in Elvendale. Builders ages 8—11 will be gripped as they combat evil in their daring missions.


Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway


Caitlin (7) had her eldest brother Ryan (12) help her follow the instructions to build the set. The instructions were really easy to follow and it didn’t take the two of them look to finish it. Then it was time to play.


Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway


The set contains some really fun extra details. I really liked the cute mobile phone Sophie has and the adorable apples and berries.

It also has a capture-mobile that Barblin the Goblin uses to try to catch Sophie. This was the bit that Caitlin like this most and she loved swapping the characters around and making Sophie capture the goblin and but him in the dungeon that she made.


Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway


WIN LEGO® Elves Play Set and Unite the Magic to Defeate the Evil Goblins and Save Emily’s Little Sister

We’re giving away one magic LEGO® Elves set – The Capture of Sophie Jones (RRP £17.99). Slip through the magic portal with Emily Jones’ little sister, Sophie Jones, and start a new adventure! Visit Mr. Spry’s grocery store and discover all the items for sale. Be careful, a goblin is spying on Sophie. Watch out! Mistaking her for Emily, Barblin the Goblin speeds in on its capture-mobile. Will Barblin capture Sophie and take her to the Goblin King? That’s up to you!

To enter fill in the gleam widget below. All entries are optional but the more you enter the more chances you have of winning. This is open to the UK only and will close on Thursday 24th August 2017.


LEGO Elves set


Also available in the range is the:

Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village – Join Azari Firedancer and Farran Leafshade as they rescue the captured animals while they search for Sophie Jones! Check out the crystal and cage-making workshops, and watch goofy Fibblin try to catch Hidee the Chameleon. Help the elves deflect the evil seeds Bieblin is shooting at them from the catapult and avoid Smilin the guard and the carnivorous plants. Then free Panthara the Panther before continuing the search for Sophie!

Aira’s Airship & the Amulet Chase – Fly on a daring chase and search mission in Elvendale! Dukelin the Goblin has spotted Emily Jones with her amulet on Aira’s airship and swoops in with the goblin glider. Oh no, Dukelin stolen the amulet and is getting away! Use Aira’s wind powers to transform the airship to super-fast flight mode and catch the goblin before it returns the amulet to the Goblin King!

The Goblin King’s Evil Dragon – Fly with the Goblin King on the back of his mind-controlled dragon, Ashwing, as he hunts for crystals to power his portal! Grab Blubeary the momma bear with Ashwing’s claw as she explores the empty cave with Lil’ Blu, and then have Jimblin the Goblin use the dynamite to blow up part of the cave and find the special crystal. Store the crystal in the cage on Ashwing’s back and fly back to the Goblin King’s fortress!

Naida’s Gondola & the Goblin Thief – Row through the streams of the unexplored goblin forest with Naida Riverheart the water elf as she searches for rare ingredients and crystals! Use the map and compass to find new places to explore on the way. But wait, Roblin the Goblin has spotted her and is firing evil seeds from the catapult, because the Goblin King wants the crystals to power his evil portal. Help Naida fight the goblin and protect the crystals!

For further information visit


Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway

Family Fever



I was sent the above set in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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179 comments on “Lego Elves Set Review & Giveaway”

  1. My Lego Summer Cottage when I was little it had its own oven and cute little flowers and a chair for the garden.

  2. I don’t know the name of the set, being a grandma who doesn’t get told these things, but it’s a set of emergency vehicles and their drivers, and the kiddies think it hilarious to mix up the heads and bodies.
    Jane Willis recently posted…Little white dogMy Profile

  3. My daughter loves Lego. She and her dad spends hours building things, he still has lots of his old Lego from his childhood. Her favourite is ‘Lego City Airport Passenger Terminal’. She would loves watching Lego Elves so would love to have a Lego Elves set to add to her collection. Thanks for a great review and giveaway .

  4. When I was young (!!) we didn’t really have sets you used to have to use your imagination. My sons loved the Doctor Who Cybermenlaboratory – they got one each, but I had to help them build it (although I tried to get them to build it and only acted as an overlooker and advising so they could be proud of building it)

  5. i never had sets as such as a kids, just a huge box of lego to make my own creations with 🙂
    my son loves his minecraft sets

  6. We had Technic Lego crane that actually worked. But last year I got my niece some Elves Lego.. so this would be amazing to add to her little collection.

  7. The Lego Pirate ship is my little fella’s favourite…he thinks he’s Captain Jack Sparrow 😉 By the way I think your ‘like & share’ link in the rafflecopter is currently going to the wrong post? x

  8. My kids love the Grand Hotel they got for Christmas, although they like to call it the Grandad Hotel 🙂

  9. Can’t remember having any “sets” as a kid, I think Lego was just building bricks in those days. I think a Farmyard Set would be nice though.

  10. My son has a house which when you press a button on top the lights come on inside. We are both fascinated by turning the lights on!

  11. we have A LOT of lego sets. one of the best is cinderella’s castle, but i love the water dragon from the Elves range.

  12. The best Lego set I’ve ever had was in approx 1979, when there was a lucky dip in a local library and I pulled out a lego train and my friend Mark pulled out a set of six Knights – I cried and we swapped – and coincidently he became a train driver in the 90’s, but I have not as yet received my knighthood.

  13. It was a huge Lego Star Wars vehicle, not a ship, it had leg things! (so descriptive!!) Can’t remember the name although I think it’ll come to me but son adored it. He had many from that series but that was by far his favourite and he played with it endlessly. (he’s 13 now so it wasn’t a case of going off it rather than growing out of it)

  14. Most of the Lego in my house is owned by my husband with his ever expanding sets of Star Wars Lego but my favourite set is a Lego Elves set of my daughter’s which has a lovely dragon.

  15. My daughter has a big box of classic random lego.she loves making castles for her little figures to live in. Her friend has lots of different Lego Friends/Elves sets, and now she is asking for some for her birthday

  16. I loved my big medieval castle set when I was little, now I love my TARDIS! My daughter has collected the Elves sets with dragons and my son and husband have so much Lego we’ve had to dedicate a whole room to it! They’ve recently got the classic Batcave and the new one from the Lego Batman movie and they have pride of place, waiting to see what my youngest will be into once she’s old enough to get involved 🙂

  17. I used to play with my brothers lego in the 80’s – my favourite set was his moon base and shuttle – my little boy has it now.

  18. My little guy loves his LEGO Duplo Forest Park, which he bought with his birthday money a good while back now. We all love LEGO in this house 🙂

  19. My son has the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon which he got for Christmas. Apparently it’s the best present he has ever received!

  20. My daughter absolutely loves Lego, especially the Disney Princess and Lego Friends range. Her absolute favourite is Heartlake Hospital.

  21. We are still on diplomacy, not advanced to little lego but Bertie will spend hours playing and I’ve even googled ideas and got stuck in making everything from planes to birds!

  22. My daughter recently got a Lego Friends speedboat for her birthday and loves it. It’s great because we’ve been going to the Lakes recently and been on a speedboat a couple of times so she loves having her own to act out our trips with x

  23. The lego airport is amazing – my nephew loves his lego – I took him to London for his birthday and he had his picture taking with William and Kate in lego in Hamleys

  24. The best thing about Lego as that it is so long lasting, we still have a bucket of Lego from when my brother was little, my nephew loves any of the vehicle Lego sets.

  25. My son had the millennium falcon which was fab but my friend has the Disney castle and it’s amazing I’m a little jealous x

  26. My daughter normally loves the Lego Friends sets, however she’s discovered the Creator 3 in 1 range and they are fantastic. A bit more complicated and time consuming to build, but she has really had an enormous amount of entertainment from them. Worth every penny.

  27. my grandkids are lego mad
    the latest favourite is the scooby doo haunted mansion
    i would love the disney castle for myself 🙂

  28. We love lego. The best 2 sets (sorry couldn’t choose 1!) are the Disney princess belles castle and Ariels kingdom. The builds were epic for each with lots of instructions but the details were gorgeous. The wardrobe and rose being my favourite in belles castle (and the lego beast comes with changeable prince head!) my fave detail in Ariel s kingdom is the water slide. We had such great family time building these and what’s great is they can be changed up and mixed to create fab new castles

  29. We are very fond of the LEGO Batman sets, especially Clay face, my favourite ever LEGO piece though is baby Groot which is about the size of my small finger nail and my son calls it mama’s precious

  30. I used to own a big (and I mean trunk size) box of lego when I was small, I spent many hours building, nowadays my daughter has some lego and is a keen builder too.

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