Lats month’s Degustabox was the picnic box, this month it’s time for the BBQ box. I still can’t believe we are already in July and the kids break up from school next week! The British weather is a mystery to me, one day it boiling hot with temperature reaching in the 30’s the next day it is swatting it down with rain. I never know what to wear and has for having a BBQ, you have to be quick and do it has soon as the sun comes out, as you never know when it will be back.

See me unboxing the BBQ Degustabox below :



And lets take a look at what I received.


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


Schwartz Authentic American Flavours

The recipe mixes come in BBQ Pulled Chicken and Spicy Buffalo Wings and are 85p each. I can’t really say much about these as I wont be trying them out. My husband may do, but he hasn’t yet.

My overall rating  

Capsicanan Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Quick Cook Sauce

I was looking forward to trying this one out myself as it sounded pretty tasty but then I noticed on the back that this was very hot. I don’t like my food too spicy so will be skipping out on this one. This is priced at £1.99.

My overall rating  


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


ENRJ Juice drinks

We received two flavours, Mango & Passionfruit and Apple & Berries.  These are high energy drinks with added caffeine. My husband nicked both of these off me but did let me have a little taste. There were both really nice and would have again.

My overall rating  

Berrywhite Organic Drinks

This comes in four flavours, I received the peach one. They are organic fruit juice blended with mineral water. I didn’t think I would like this as I am not of fan of flavoured water, but this was more fruity than I was expecting it to be and it was really nice and refreshing. Will be looking out for this one. Priced at £1.39 each.

My overall rating  


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


Westons Cider

I tried some Westons cider back in the Easter Degustabox and I didn’t like them as they were too dry for me. So I wasn’t expecting to like these ones that much either. But to my surprise I did. Hand Brake is a sparkling cloudy cider with Damson and the Flat Tyre as Rhubarb in it. These are a lot sweeter and fruitier then the other Weston Ciders I tried. I would buy these ones again. These are priced at £1.99 each.

My overall rating  

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free Wine

I also received this in the December Degustabox and still haven’t opened it. So don’t think I’ll be opening this one either. Will have to give them to my mum or sister. This is priced at £1.49

My overall rating  


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


Spoon Apple + Peanut Granola

I haven’t had chance to try this one yet, but my husband has had a few bowls. He says it’s really nice. It’s a bit pricey at £3.70 as it’s only a 400g box too.

My overall rating  

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs

I buy these for my husband at Christmas as he loves them. So I opened these when he was out so I got to try a few, and they are gorgeous. They are really buttery and just melt in your mouth. My favourite shortbread ever! These are priced at £1.99.

My overall rating  

Original O’s Savoury Cumin and Sesame Nibbles

These are just gorgeous and O so addictive! And I feel really guilty admitting that I ate the whole box. I did let my kids try one each but none of them liked them. So at least I know then when I buy these again I wont have to share them. These are priced at £2.99 a box. These are available to buy through Amazon

My overall rating  


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


Light Bites – Mango with Vanilla Yoghurt Fruit Chips

These are really sweet. I was expecting them to be quite sticky like dried fruit, but they were very powdery. I like these but I wouldn’t buy them for the price that they are as you only get a small handful in a pack. these are priced at £1.49

My overall rating  

Light Bites – Superfood Fruit Bar

This was very nice too and I liked it better than the yoghurt fruit chips

My overall rating  

Haribo Summer Frenzy

These new flavours for summer are bound to be a hit with the kids. My 3 loved them and have asked me to buy some more for our next family movie night. They are Starmix Berry flavour and Tangfastics Ice Cream & Sorbet flavours. These are £1.00 each

My overall rating  


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


So there you go, another month and another box. My favourite things from this months box are the Orignail O’s, The Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread and the Berrywhite drink.

Have you tried any of these before? let me know in the comments.

If you would like to try out own of these Degustabox’s yourself then you can get your first one for just £5.99 – saving you £7.00. Just quote code : 9U02B at checkout.


June's BBQ Degustabox Review


I received the above Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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30 comments on “June’s BBQ Degustabox Review”

  1. I’ve seen these boxes a lot and they look so good! I like the look of the ENRJ Juice drinks – they look like they would taste really nice

  2. Hmm these boxes seem a bit hit and miss. I always think about just taking the discount and giving it a go but I’d be a bit disappointed if I received a box like this I think. Having said that, I never say no to shortbread.

  3. Now this sounds like the kinda box I could get a long with 😛 I’ve never had a subscription box before, but can definitely see the appeal when you get to try goodies like this x

  4. They look really good, I didn’t know they did BBQ packs, I used to wonder if they worth the money but they definitely are looking at this xxx

  5. I can’t wait until they start delivering over here. The boxes look amazing and something I’m very keen to sign up too

  6. So many lovely goodies. I adore the Walkers Scottie dogs. And Haribo….can’t eat them, shouldn’t even eat them, but so want them!

  7. Have never subscribed to Degustabox, but I really like the theme! They seem to be hit and miss though, so I wonder if there’s ever a box that is an overall hit. x

  8. What a great selection! I would absolutely love to try Capsicanan Brazilian Chilli & Coconut sauce. Sometimes I like to add a bit of a kick to my food.

  9. I don’t think I would ever bother with anything like this, money is tight, and I wouldn’t be able to afford it being so hit and miss, plus the name really puts me off lol, Degusta sounds too much like Disgusting to me, I know, its daft and I probably the only one to think as daft as this lol, but it does put me off! Saying that I do hope you enjoyed yours!

  10. Yes, the Degusta name puts me off too! There also seems to be a lot in every box that we simply would not use!

  11. Looks like it has some tasty things inside but as above the name puts me off a bit – I get where it comes from but I can’t help being reminded of that annoying meme..

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