July’s Review Round Up

I really can’t believe we are nearly at the end of July already. This year is just flying by. Anyway, today I am sharing with you some items that I reviewed in July. For July’s Review round up I got to try out some chocolate, kids pencils, therapearls pals and a Moshi Monster app.


July's Review Round Up


Philadelphia Flip & Dip

Philadelphia have just bought out 3 new Flip & Dip’s. The flavours are Mexican Salsa, Sweet Chilli and Caramelised Onion. All 3 flavours sound really nice, but unfortunately I couldn’t try these has they contain gelatin. I was a bit disappointed as I love Philadelphia soft cheese.

My overall rating  


Philadelphia flip and dip

Philadelphia flip and dip


TheraPearl & TheraPearl Pals

These TheraPearl items are fantastic! The Back Wrap is great to use when I had backache and was really relaxing. My kids love the TheraPearl Pals. We received 3 of these – a panda, a dog and a frog. The frog isn’t in the pic as my son lent it to his friend when he fell over and it’s still at his house. These can be frozen for 2 hours or placed in the microwave for just a few seconds to warm up. Great for using on bumps, headaches, swollen joints, or just for keep your hands warm.

My overall rating  


therapearl and Therapearl pals

TheraPearl Pal Dog


Clipper Extra Strong Tea

I love my tea and Clipper are my favourite brand. This is the first time I have tried their extra strong tea, and to me it just tastes like their normal everyday tea. But I am not complaining, as it still tastes like my favourite cup of tea. I love that Clipper teas are also a fairtrade item.

My overall rating  


clipper tea extra strong


Amedi Chocolate

This is the first time I have heard of this brand of chocolate but apparently it was first sold in 1998. I received a bar of Number 9, which is a dark 75% chocolate and a box of 6 small Amedei 70 chocolates. I really like dark chocolate, but these really stood out for me as quite often dark chocolate leaves a bitter after tastes, But there is not of that with these. I found the chocolate to be really smooth and just melts in your mouth. This maybe the best dark chocolate that I have tried so far.

My overall rating  


Amedei Chocolate


Stabilo pencils and Pen

I love how these Stabilo products have space for your fingers making it easier for kids to hold and write. You can also buy these in a right or left-handed version. All my kids are right-handed so they got to share these. The pen is really great and my daughter already has one that she uses at school. They have replaceable ink cartridges too, so you never have to get rid of your favourite pen.

My overall rating  


Stabilo pens and pencils


Scunci Hair Accessories

My daughter Caitlin received these hair accessories to try out from Scunci. We loved the bobbles as they have no mental on, so don’t get hair caught in them. The bobby pins are really great too as they have a no-slip grip at the end. The other two items Caitlin has been practicing making new hair styles for herself with them

My overall rating  


scunci hair accessories


Ombar Raw Chocolate

These Ombar chocolate bars are made with raw cocoa beans, no added milk or things like that. They are all really nice and smooth and melt in your mouth. I really loved the strawberry one, it tasted so nice. I just wish these were  bigger bars, as they are really quite small.

My overall rating  


ombar raw chocolate


Moshi Monster App & Cards

My kids love Moshi Monsters and you can download the app of the game Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt to play on your tablet or phone. You can also buy these special packs of Moshi Monster Cards that each have a scratch of panel on the back with a code that you can enter on the game to get free items.

My overall rating  


moshi Monster trading cards


And they you go for another month. My favourite item I would have to say is the Clipper tea bags. I just can’t get enough of my daily cuppa. What do you like the most? Have you tried any yet?

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The items featured have all been given to me in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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