How to Get your House Ready for Summer

With the summer holidays just around the corner, you will need to prepare your house for having the kids full-time. Read this guide on how to get your house ready for summer in easy steps.

1. Tidy

As your kids are going to be spending a long time in your house, it’s a good time to start tidying. Although your kids will destroy it in seconds, it’s still worth a try. Attempt to organise toys which will make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

2. Kids Activities

Kids will drive you crazy if they are bored or can’t find something to do. Give some consideration of what it is they can do throughout the summer. You could get some craft kits, or aim to teach them something over the 6-week holiday. You could for example set a target that they will learn to ride their bike, learn to knit, or even learn a new language. By doing this they will get something beneficial out of the long holiday.


How to Get Your House Ready for Summer


3. Washing Windows

During the summer any streaks or marks on your windows will look even more noticeable. Wash them in the evening when it isn’t so warm. Also consider using a mixture of vinegar and water to clean windows with, rather than using conventional window cleaning solutions. Once cleaned use newspaper to dry the windows to minimise water marks.

4. Tidying the Garden

With a bit of luck we will have some nice sunny summer days. On sunny days, there’s nothing better than getting your kids to play outside in the garden. They will burn off steam, get exercise and feel much happier. However, your kids will only go in the garden if it is inviting, safe and they have something to do. Clean your garden, cut the grass and fill up the paddling pool. Even something as simple as buying a new football can provide your kids with hours of healthy entertainment. If you would like help sorting your garden out this summer you could always get in touch with a local gardener. If you would like to receive a few quotes from local trades then visit

5. Clean the Patio

Clean your patio using a jet wash to remove moss, dirt and grime. The morning is a great time to do this work since it will give it plenty of time to dry. By cleaning the patio, you can give your garden a new lease of life.


How to Get Your House Ready for Summer


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14 comments on “How to Get Your House Ready for Summer”

  1. Some lovely tips, I always go out and sort the garden ready for the summer, wash down Megan’s sand and water table, and pull up the knot weed and cut back the brambles, then indoors I put our thin lighter curtains up xxx

  2. Thanks Natasha for your ideas.I love to decorate my home regularly and most of the time I found I am running out of ideas.Your strategies are simply outstanding to understand the core value of rearranging items.Your described points are effective and it has changed my perceptions too.Already I am applying all these tools for my kids.I like to share your views for a better understanding of the said matter.

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