How to Give your Bedroom a Makeover without Decorating

Do you get fed up with your bedroom looking the same year in year out, but haven’t got the money to decorate it? Well there is no need to call the decorators in as you can do it yourself and I don’t mean by painting the whole thing yourself. All you need to do is make a few simple changes.

It’s best to start with a neutral colour. Keep all the walls and bedding white, cream or even pale grey, as long as it’s plain and a colour that will go with any other colour. Then you just add touches of colour to make it look different. You can even do this as the seasons change, think pinks and yellows for spring and summer and brown and reds for autumn and winter. My dream bedroom would be plain white and grey with touches of pale pink.

Bedding & Throws

You can keep your quilt plain white and add colour with accessories or make your quilt the focal point of your room by buying a brightly coloured cover. Julian Charles has a wide range to choose from. Big chunky throws are perfect in the colder months, not only do they keep your warm but choose a colour that accentuates the rest of the room.


How to Give your Bedroom a Makeover without Decorating


Cushions & Curtains

Adding lot’s of different cushions in different shapes, sizes and with different textures in your chosen colour theme can make you bed look completely different. Adding some nice curtains to match the cushions will also help bring your room together.


How to Give your Bedroom a Makeover without Decorating


Having a big canvas above your bed in your chosen colour can make the walls really stand out and can also make the bed more of a focal point. And pictures with family and friends really give it a nice cosy look.


Either keep your carpet a plain neutral colour or get wooden flooring and add a nice pretty rug. Different sizes and textured rugs will also give the room a different feel.


How to Give your Bedroom a Makeover without Decorating



Maybe the most important detail is the accessories. Add candles, vases, flowers, ornaments, baskets and lamps all around the room  in the same colour as your theme.

When you get fed up of the look of your room simply take all the accessories and store them or give them away and replace them with new accessories in another colour. And there you go, a whole new bedroom without even having to lift a paintbrush up.


How to Give your Bedroom a Makeover without Decorating


How to Give your Bedroom a Makeover without Decorating




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