Working out at home is no longer about cheesy aerobics videos or lifting cans of beans; it’s not even about doing a hundred crunches, squats and push ups. There are now plenty of creative, fun and effective ways of working out without even stepping out of your front door, and they’re just as legitimate as going to the gym. Whether you have weights, kettlebells, a bike, a yoga mat or just a chair, there’s an at-home exercise routine that’s perfect for you. So if you’re not a gym bunny and can’t work up the energy to go out for a run, try out these indoor exercises and give yourself a free fitness boost.


How to Work Out Without Leaving the House

Preparation is Everything

In order to work out at home successfully, you need to be prepared. Staying motivated can be difficult, so if you suddenly realise that you don’t have enough space or your leggings are in the wash, your indoor workout could easily go out the window. To avoid this happening, make sure you prepare for your workout session well in advance. You’ll need light, comfortable clothing that you can move in, and depending on your body type and the exercise you’re doing, you might need a sports bra as well. If you’re doing a lot of cardio activity, you’ll also need some trainers or running shoes.

Preparing the space you’re going to work out in is also essential, as it needs to be large enough and provide the optimum environment for you to focus. If you’re committed to working out at home but don’t have much space, internal bifolding doors can open up your home and offer flexibility within your space. You might also consider moving your furniture around permanently so that you don’t need to do this every time you work out. Finally, make sure your phone is either on silent or out of the room, so that you don’t get distracted or interrupted by any notifications.

Indoor Cycling

Ever heard of indoor cycling, using a real bike instead of an exercise bike? It’s a convenient and effective way to work out without leaving the house, and if you already have a bike then you’re almost kitted out already. All you need to modify your bike is a rear wheel trainer, which locks onto the rear hub and elevates the wheel a few inches off the floor. The trainer provides resistance to simulate cycling on the road, giving you a challenging workout at the same time. A trainer block elevates the front wheel to keep your bike level. Then all you need to do is put on your favourite Netflix show and pedal away!


A new class that you might have seen on the schedule of your local yoga studio is barre, a ballet-inspired fitness routine that you can easily do at home. Barre work is used by dancers to tone muscles and create a long, lean body, and is the ideal complement to a yoga or pilates practice. This exercise routine might look a bit soft, but – just like ballet – it will seriously work your abs, arms, thighs and bum. In a proper class the exercises are done with the support of a

handrail, but at home you can use a chair or table. There are plenty of YouTube videos to get you started on barre, and if you enjoy it you could go along to your nearest class!


Yoga has become something of a craze in recent years, with many gym goers booking hot yoga or power yoga classes to vary their fitness routines and work on their flexibility. Yoga is something you can do easily at home, and you don’t really need any equipment. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can use a towel, and props such as blocks and straps can be replaced with cushions and ties. If you’re a beginner, take a look at some YouTube yoga videos to get started with your practice.

There are lots of different kinds of yoga to try out, so don’t be put off if you don’t like the first video you do. Start off with a video specially made for beginners so you can learn the basics, and then you can decide whether you want to try power yoga, flow yoga, shakti yoga or one of the many other kinds. Yoga is an ideal choice if you don’t have much space, as you only need enough room for your mat. When it gets sunny, you can take your practice outside into the garden, or even take your mat to the park and experience the yogi principle of connecting with nature.


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9 comments on “How to Work Out Without Leaving the House”

  1. I do a lot of yoga in the house – mainly with the wii fit. My daughter is so impressed she’s even started it. Much cuter watching a 5 year old do the yoga moves than my wobbly body lol x

  2. I find it hard to go out of the house so my exercise options are quite limited. I’d not realised you can adapt a road bike to use indoors, I will check this out.

  3. I do try to exercise in the house, only because i am quite a big person and when you go out, people laugh and talk about me

  4. I do love yoga and how amazing it makes you feel after. I am just so terrible at doing it in the house, I start with good intentions but it doesn’t last long. Great review though and I will look at it again when I am motivated again to exercise

  5. This is handy as I’ve stopped going to the gym since being pregnant on my daughter four month old daughter, I said as soon as I have the all clear at the 6 week check up I’ll be back to the gym but I can’t face leaving her xxx

  6. I have found a fantastic yoga app that encourages me to exercise daily. I have found this to be excellent motivation (I have also used apps to quit smoking and to meditate).

  7. My wife keeps fit by cleaning the house from top to bottom every week! I must do more exercise I must admit…

  8. I love home workouts! I have my own kettlebells which I highly recommend plus some weights and other bits and bobs. Great article!

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