Our Trip to Cosmo Derby Review

My sister is always on about Cosmo in Derby. She has been loads of time with her partner and kids and also my mum. She has asked us to go with them a few times, but the days she always decides to go on are when my husband is at work or we have no spare money to go. So when we was asked if me, my husband and 3 kids would like to pop down and have review the place, i just couldn’t say no. Both my sister and mum were very jealous.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I went as I have only been to one all-you-can eat buffet style restaurant once. Even though Derby is only a 30 minute train ride away from where I live in Matlock, I don’t tend to go very often. So was a bit worried that I would get lost trying to find Cosmo, as the only place I have really been to is the Intu centre.  I shouldn’t have worried though, as Cosmo is right next door.



We went on a Sunday at 12.30pm and when we went in we was asked how many of us was there and we was shown to a seat straight away. We had a booth table with a light hanging over the middle of the table. It was quite dark inside the restaurant, which I liked as it made the place feel more cosy. We order our drinks and they was brought over to our table by one of the waiters. As this was our first time visiting Cosmo, the waiter explained to us how it worked and where everything was. It was at this point that I realised that I had forgotten to bring my camera with me, so I had to take all the photo’s using my phone. So really sorry about the quality of these pics, they don’t do the food justice.

There where loads to choose from and all of it is help yourself. They had a curry section, Chinese, roast dinner, pastas, chips and nuggets and a Teppanyaki and sushi section too. I had a quick look around before I decided what I want. But the good thing is you can have a bit of everything and go back up as many times as you like.



I went for a nice Chinese. I had chow mein, chips, egg rice, curry sauce and some vegetable spring rolls. It was really delicious and just tasted like our local Chinese takeaway at home. After I ate that I went back up and got a few other random bits. My two youngest kids went for pizza, chips, nuggets and pasta. Caitlin (7) wasn’t over keen on the pizza as it had oregano on it. But I all the rest of us thought it was marvellous. My husband went straight to the Indian section as he his a big curry fan. I think he tried a bit of everything there was to offer. And my eldest son Ryan (12) went for the meat balls, rice and chicken poppers, followed by loads of pasta.



As we was going back and forth, a lot of plates where left on the table, but one of the waiters was there almost straight away to remove it for us giving us plenty of space for more plates of food.



Then it was on to the puddings. There was so many to choose from. Cakes, mousses, possets, ice cream, marshmallows and chocolate from the chocolate fountain, pancakes, jellies, brownies, fruit and sweets.

I have got a massive sweet tooth and desserts are my favourite part of a meal. I just couldn’t decide what to have, so like a big fat pig I tried everything! Yes, everything! My favourite was the carrot cake, and I think it was a salted caramel slice. The pancakes where also delicious, but I wish they had more choose of toppings for them.

The kids had a bit of everything too but their favourite was the ice cream. I think there was 4 or 5 different flavours with a choose of either strawberry or chocolate sauce.



By the end of it we was all stuffed. We really enjoyed it and will be going back soon for a family treat.

Prices for lunch Monday-Friday are £7.99, Saturday £9.99 and Sundays and Bank holidays are £14.99

Prices for dinner are Monday-Thursday £14.99, Friday £15.99, Saturday £16.99 and Sunday and Bank holidays £15.99.

Children under 150cm are half price.

The only thing that my husband was disappointed with was there was no burgers. We will be going back in the Summer holidays with the kids and the rest of the family and me and my husband are going back soon by ourselves for a date night.

Address :

Cosmo Derby.

London Rd,
Derby DE1 2PA

01332 295300




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We was provided with free meals and drinks in return for this post. All opinions are mine. 

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