Splashlings are set to be the must have toy this summer. Splashlings are tiny mermaids and ocean friends that you can collect and play with. There are over 100 different Splashlings to collect. We got to try out one of the playsets ‘The Medical Clinic’ along with a Splashlings Mermaid & Friends 12 pack.


Splashlings - An Ocean Full of Friends Review & Giveaway

Splashlings - An Ocean Full of Friends Review & Giveaway


You can see us unboxing the sets and what the kids thought of them in the video below.




The Medical Centre

The Splashlings Medical centre comes with 2  figures that are exclusive to this set, Sturgeon Surgeon and Nurse Shark. The playset as a removable hospital bed that is on wheels, height & weighing scales, a little rest area with pillow and a FISH x-ray/ scan machine. The set also come with 3 adorable little accessories tools which I think are so cute.

The splashlings have a little hole underneath them so they can easily attach to the scan machine and scales without falling off. The height bar was really stiff to move but I am hoping it loosens up a bit as the kids play with it more.

The medical centre is priced at RRP £15.99


Splashlings Medical Centre Review


Mermaid & Friends 12 Pack

The 12 pack comes with 1 mermaid, 2 collectable shells and 9 Splashings. ” of the Splashlings come inside the shells, so you don’t know what they are until you have opened them.

I think the little ocean friends are just so cute. My favourite is the little coloured fish and sliver stingray.

The 12 pack is priced at RRP £10.99


Splashlings pack of 12 review


Our Review

I really love these new Splashling and so do both Caitlin (7) and Aaron (6). They both really love collectable little toys and these ones are perfect. Caitlin and Aaron both took these out to play in the paddling pool the other day as it was so warm outside and they had so much fun. As there are over 100 Splashlings to collect I can see us getting loads more to add to their collection. Prices start from £2.49 for a collector shell with two surprise Splashlings.


Splashlings - An Ocean Full of Friends Review & Giveaway

Splashlings - An Ocean Full of Friends Review & Giveaway

Caitlin with her Splashlings




Here’s you chance to win a Medical Centre set and a Pack of 6 Splashlings. To enter, use the gleam widget below. All entries are optional, but of cause the more you do the more chances you have of winning. You can also come back everyday to gain extra entries. The giveaway will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday 1st August. Open to the UK only.



Splashlings giveaway

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Cuddle Fairy
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I received the Splashlings in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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111 comments on “Splashlings – An Ocean Full of Friends Review & Giveaway”

    • I can recall watching Flipper on tv as a child. Years later my nephew also enjoyed the show. It transcends generations.

  1. These look cute, I’ve not got into the realms of collectible toys yet with my little, I feel it’s going to be whole new and interesting world out there full of toys!!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  2. A seahorse because they are not only so graceful but their life is so very interesting and would open up lots of discussion with the youngsters.

  3. A Turtle. We had one at our local Animal Shelter last year, she was beautiful. Found in February on one of our beaches in a terrible condition, they nursed her back to health and she was eventually flown to Gran Canaria to be released. It was a real success story.

  4. I would want to win this for my little sister. She loves seals so it would be nice seal, maybe a seahorse too 😀

  5. A seahorse because I’ve always thought of them as magical little beings, a bit like unicorns and pegasus.

  6. These look fun although I am hoping they are bypassed in our house (I can’t deal with any more little plastic things hanging around the place right now!). Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  7. A Sea Urchin – they are beautiful and not recognised as the creatures they are – do you know they have no brain yet move around using their five paired rows of tiny tube feet! and can even use their teeth to get around! fascinating!

  8. The Penguins! My four are all penguin obsessed like their Daddy! x Thank-you very much for the giveaway and review! x

  9. I would love to find a jelly fish so my grandchildren could chase my husband with it as he doesn’t like them since being stung by one!

  10. A Stingray – as ever since we saw one at an aquarium, my five-year old daughter has asked everyday, and I mean, everyday – when are we going to get one for her paddling pool! Which could be tricky.

  11. A blogfish or ghost fish as they’re very human looking but most people haven’t heard of yet alone seen one. I like to be different

  12. My appologies meant to write blob fish not blog fish, although one of those would be pretty cool too (if they existed)

  13. A turtle or a dolphin as those are my niece’s favourites! Great prize 🙂 good luck to all xo

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