These Tricks Are Vital to Maintaining Long, Healthy Hair

Your hair is a big part of your identity. When it is shiny and healthy looking, you feel great about yourself. That’s why “a great hair day” is a thing. But, when all of the washing and styling and products leave you with limp, frizzy, or damaged hair, it’s a real drag. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stop using your curling iron to set your hair in beachy waves. Instead, try making a few tiny, totally doable changes in your routine. Longer, healthier hair awaits.


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Stop Washing It So Much

Surely, you have heard that women aren’t supposed to wash their hair every day, even if you feel like your oily hair requires it. The perfect number of times to wash per week remains the subject of debate among professionals in the hair industry, but all agree it is less than seven. And, when you do shampoo, lather your scalp, rather than the length of the hair.

Your hair has natural oils, whose job it is to protect it from harm. When you shampoo your hair every day, you are stripping away all of these oils, which means that your body compensates by producing even more oil. This cycle leads to more washing to deal with oil and it continues forever. Stop the cycle.

On the days that you don’t shampoo your hair, don’t even get it wet. Water causes hair to swell from the inside out, and this forces the cuticle of the hair up. Overtime, this repeated swelling leads to breakage and frizz. On the days that you skip washing and wetting your hair, try a dry shampoo. Good ones will suck up oil and absorb odor.

Try Getting Hair Healthy from the Inside Out

When your body works to create new hair, it uses a lot of vital nutrients, including essential minerals and abundant protein. If you aren’t getting enough of these hair-building nutrients in your diet, your body can’t make strong, healthy hair that can grow long without a ton of damage.

Consider taking supplements with Biotin, Niacin, B vitamins, and vitamin C. These vitamins promote the growth of healthy hair and will help you to grow thick, long hair as quickly as possible. It will be in good shape as soon as it emerges from the follicle.

As with any vitamin use, talk to your doctor to make sure the amounts you are using are safe and won’t negatively interact with any of your medications or other supplements.

Change the Materials You Put Next to Your Hair

You know that roughing up your hair’s cuticle is a surefire way to get it damaged. It certainly makes it hard to smooth down your hair and make it appear healthy. So, you need to dry your hair with something gentle and smoothing. The best option? An old t-shirt. Seriously. Instead of using them to dust or donating them to charity, hang them in the bathroom and use them to dry your hair.

Also, stop with the cotton pillowcases. It causes too much friction on your hair and causes you to wake up with tangles. To cut down on that, opt for a sateen pillow case with a softer surface.

Be Careful When You Comb and Brush

You shouldn’t be brushing your hair for longer than a minute. Those old adages about the hundred strokes of brushing were wrong. Instead, brush hair once in the morning and once before bed to remove tangles. Don’t get rough. Just ease the brush through.

When your hair is wet, it breaks very easily. Therefore, put the brush down and pick up a comb. Use a wide tooth comb and begin by untangling the end and working up to the scalp. This is also true when you bush. Always move from the bottom up.


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  1. Some great tips here, my hair just doesn’t seem to grow anymore so I will definitely take notice of these points now

  2. Some fab tips, my four year old daughter Megan has long hair down to her bum, so these will come in handy, I always shampoo and condition it, and use conditioning spray when brushing it, we call her Rapunzel and she refuses to have it cut xxx

  3. A very interesting read, with a lot of things on there I never realised! I’ve never tried a dry shampoo, so I must give it a go!

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