I have always been a fan of Orchard Toys. They have some really great games for younger kids and we own quite a few of them. We have just been sent out Little Bug Bingo to play with. This is from their mini games range and is suitable for children aged 3-6 years. My youngest two kids are 6 and 7 but they still both enjoyed playing this game. I also have a 2-year-old niece and 4-year-old nephew who would love to play this when the come up to my house. It’s also a great game to play in the garden on a nice day and maybe even go on a bug hunt after.


Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Game Review


The game is for 2 -4 players. Each player has bingo card with 9 different bugs on. And there are little bug cards that need to be turned over so you can’t see what is on them and turn one over at a time. If you have that bug on your card then you place a leaf counter on your board. The first player to cover all 9 of their bugs on their board wins.


Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Game Review

Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Game Review

Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Game Review

Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Game Review


My kids loved playing this and it’s a really fun game for younger kids to play and also learn about bugs. After we finished playing bingo, the kids each took a board each and went looking around our garden to try to find the bugs on their boards. The kids were also excited to see that one of the bug cards was a water boatman, as we went pond dipping a few days ago and saw lot’s of these.



I also have one game of Bug Bingo to giveaway.

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Little bug bingo

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I received the above game in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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71 comments on “Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Game Review + giveaway”

  1. My favourite bug is a ladybird and my kids enjoy going bug hunting – they are much more brave when getting close up to spiders, woodlice and bumble bees than me!

  2. My boys love bug hunting! Digging for worms is a firm favourite. My favourite bug would be a cricket, love the sound they make!

  3. Ladybirds – we’re not too keen on bug hunting but we have a lot of the mahoosive stag beetles in our garden at the moment so that’s probably why

  4. my little boy loves to go bug hunting already, will go pick it up if he sees one, even tho mummy doesn’t like it too much, he loves ladybirds and bee’s.

  5. Ladybirds!! I LOVED them as a kid and used to make ladybird houses ๐Ÿ˜€ now my son loves them too, infact no word of a lie, today out shopping not just 1 but 3 landed on him today he was so happy!

  6. My little boy has had some pet Caterpillars at school and has recently released the resulting butterflies. Every day he has come home with new facts about them – I’m now quite fond of them!

  7. My favourite is a ladybird or caterpillar.
    Yes, my two girls love going bug hunting, they are so interested and intrigued by them. The eldest girl (7) would be more cautious and would look from afar, but my younger daughter (3) has no fear at all and would pick them up and play with them if she could!

  8. I love butterflies and caterpillars, the kids love any bugs though, they’re so curious about them!

  9. I find all bugs really creepy even though I know they are a key part of the ecosystems in which they live. However, I used to have woodlice crawl on my hands as they seemed so slow and gentle.

  10. Our two love bug hunting, which is all well and good, till they bring them in the house, their favourite bug, is the Ladybird, which i am pleased about

  11. My daughters are 8 and 4 and love hunting for bugs. Both of them love butterflies, thankyou for the competition. x

  12. Bug Hunting in the garden is such fun – it is amazing what you find and some beetles are so pretty.

  13. I don’t have any children but I do love insects, they are fascinating. When on holiday in Trinidad, I marvelled all the different types of stick insects, I was quite good at finding them.

  14. I love ladybirds. I’d like to say she loves it but she’s going through a ‘phase’ at the moment where bugs are yucky. Grrrr!!

  15. my kids are always bug hunting, in the garden, when we go out for walks, they just love them! I like ladybirds ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Ladybirds must be everybodys favouries – my sons are allowed to bug hunt and photo & mark them off against lists/pictures but I insist they don’t capture them only let them crawl on their hands

  17. We love bug hunting its a great activity during the summer (and passes a few hours too), although my son is not keen on worms, lol, our favourite has to be ladybirds but my son also likes to watch the woodlouse scurrying around under rocks and stones

  18. I’ve never done’bug hunting’ as such, but my daughter is always bringing in creepy crawlies from the garden! We love ladybirds though, theyre so pretty.

  19. Caterpillars we love them. When I was a kid my nans garden was full of big hairy ones and it was fantastic.
    The little kids from next door and my nieces & nephews are always bug hunting in my garden. They love it and find loads

  20. I Love dragonfly’s they are just beautiful. My daughter is 2 so shes getting into bugs and pointing to tiny ants on the floor saying wow. I’m wow because i cant see them hehe she has the better eye sight. Thanks for the chance

  21. At the moment my girls love seeing caterpillars, there’s so many caterpillars and butterflies around this year my girls love it

  22. We regularly go bug hunting in our back garden and when we visit our local country park. My daughters love looking for ladybirds, worms, caterpillars and beetles!

  23. I’m not really keen on bugs but I do like ladybirds. My daughter loves going looking for different bugs in the garden though and trying to scare the life out of me with them

  24. I love crickets! The sound they make rubbing their legs together always makes me think of exotic weather!
    We loves going on bug hunts! The dirtier the better! Digging for worms and looking for snails is my favourite part!

  25. my little boy went off flying bugs at the weekend when he got his first wasp sting ๐Ÿ™
    He is still fascinated by snails and other crawlies though.

  26. Has to be ladybirds other bugs are a pest! My children aren’t really bug hunters I remember collecting ladybirds in a jar with holes in the lid as a kid

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