Baby Born Puppy Doodle Review

Meet our newest addition to our family. His name is Snowy and he is a cute little puppy from the Baby Born range by Zapf Creation. I have just seen on the website that this Baby Born Puppy Doodle real name is ‘Charlie’ so my daughter will not be happy about that. ‘Snowy’ comes with a bone, a feeding bottle and a really cute collar with a picture of himself on it. He can chew on his bone and make little chewing noises. and drink his water and do a little wee.


Baby Born Puppy Doodle Review


Our Review

The first thing we had to do when we got ‘Snowy’ is go out and buy some batteries. He takes 2 x AAA which he doesn’t come with. Once the batteries where in Caitlin (7) couldn’t wait to give him a drink of water. When he is filled up, you can press a button and he will lift one of his back legs and do a wee.

Caitlin and also my son Aaron (6) thought this was just so funny and kept making him do it again and again. But my carpet and sofa got a bit wet so I made them go and play outside with this. His fur did get quite a bit wet so we had to let him dry of before putting him away with the rest of their toys.


Baby Born Puppy Doodle Review

Baby Born Puppy Doodle Review

Baby Born Puppy Doodle Review


This is a really great toy. It is suitable for children 3+ but the dog does have a hard body so I would remember this when buying as when my kids where 3 they liked to throw things at each other. And if the hit a child in the face it would hurt. He has a RRP of £29.99.


Family Fever

We were sent this Baby Born Puppy in return for this post. All opinions are mine.


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