My youngest boy loves playing with his cars, so when we was sent this Magic Tracks set to review, I knew start away he would love it. I wasn’t wrong. As soon as he saw it he couldn’t wait to get started building his very own track. And the great thing about this track is that all pieces are flexible so you can build the track in any shape or form that you want!


Magic Tracks with motorised light up car review


The set comes with 220 pieces of track that come in 4 different colours along with a motorised car that lights up too and also a sheet of stickers.

As you can see in the photo below, each piece of track can be pulled apart and stuck back on to any piece you like.


magic track with motorised light up car review


Any really loved playing and experimenting with the track. First he used obits of cardboard to make humps in the track. And it was a bit of trail and error to find out what the right angle was that the car could go up. Often the cardboard pieces would fall down, so he later used some of his little Itty Bitty toys. He loved watching the car go around and over the toys and we had bets whether the car would make it over or come of the track.

Aaron also made a hamster wheel-shaped track and placed the car in the middle and it went rolling along my living room floor which he thought was pretty great.

The track is supposed to glow, but I wouldn’t really say that it does, unless you have to expose it to a lot of natural light first. But when we did try it out in the dark, I would say it actually ‘glowed’ but because the car does light up, it made the track light up and Aaron loved this. He said it was his best track ever.




I think the best thing about this track is that it is so flexible and that you can really make any shaped track you want. Other tracks are normally have solid pieces in fixed shapes and it can be tricky for little ones to make the shape that they want, but with this it is simple. I will definitely be buying some of the add ons for this, which include bridges and a police car.

You can buy Magic Tracks from Smyths and Amazon


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I was sent the Magic Tracks set in return for this post. All opinions are mine. 

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93 comments on “Magic Tracks with Motorised Car Review”

  1. I am not a father yet but my kid brother could always use this one and what you have shared here about this Magic Track has well, convinced me to want to spare a few bucks to get him one. I am very sure he would love it.

    Thanks for sharing this with your community, Natasha! 🙂


  2. Knowing how much my 2 love animals chances are I will be requested to make it into to a cat or an elephant, and let the fun commence lol

  3. I had a go with one of these at the Ideal Home Show, Manchester and it was great fun! I would try to make a track with no tight bends in though for my little boy as the car didn’t seem to like sharp bends and kept coming off (maybe it was something to do with my poor driving skills!)

  4. I’m not sure I could manage much more than a circle but am sure my two little ones would be much more creative!

  5. I would just be pleased to have the one end of the track meet the other again – am not very good at putting them together but my boy loves them!

  6. Oh wow!! This looks like great fun! Bet my kids would have a brilliant time setting this up and watching it go!

  7. Jayden says he could use his Thomas bridges from his train set to make the track go higher. He likes the look of this!

  8. My daughter Megan has just learned how to draw hearts so I’d say she would build the heart track, they look really good xxx

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