Buying Smaller Clothes to Help Motivate us to Lose Weight

My husband has always been on the big size. In fact he struggles with his weight and he often yo-yo’s up and down. For a few weeks he will be binge drinking, over eating on takeaways, staying up late on his PS4, not doing much exercise at all. Then he will decide to try to get healthy and he will start eating healthier, no chocolate what so ever, drinking protein shakes and going to the gym. Now when he does go to the gym, he doesn’t go like a ‘normal’ person would and just do an hour or two, no, he’s there for like 4-5 hours, 5-6 days a week. And obviously, he does lose weight, a lot in fact, but then the healthy phase passes and he get’s back into his old habits.

This has been going on like this for years, but he has finally decided that he’s going to get his weight down and keep it off. He likes to wear branded clothes and his favourites are Nike, Adidas and Ellesse. He has recently got two polo shirts from Jacamo, but he has ordered one size smaller than he normally wears. This is to encourage him more to lose the weight.


Buying Smaller Clothes to Help Motivate us to Lose Weight  - Ellesse polo shirts from Jacamo

Buying Smaller Clothes to Help Motivate us to Lose Weight  - Ellesse Polo Shirts from Jacamo


Both of these Ellesee tops are great for hiding that bit of extra weight, as the darker colours and the horizontal strips make you look smaller.

So far he has lost about 6lbs, but I am making him do less time at the gym then he did before. As I keep saying to him, it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet, and going the amount of hours he was going is not sustainable. But I must admit, I need to lose weight too. I have got a thyroid problem that has been going on for the last 5 years, but the doctors won’t treat it as my levels are borderline and not over the treatment line. This has made me gain weight and I have put on about 2 stone. So, we are doing it together. Eating healthy as a family, both going to the gym and also going on lot’s of family walks with the kids.

I have loads of clothes in my wardrobe but nearly all of them are too tight on me. So instead of going out and buying new clothes, I too am using my smaller clothes to help motivate me and hopefully they will all fit me again soon.

Try this healthy living quiz to find out how much you really know about being healthy.


What tips would you give us to helps us stick at getting fit and healthy? Let me know in the comments


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