April 2017 Degustabox Review

What an eventful month I have had. End of April and beginning of May has just been so hectic for me. Been having a few problems with both of my boys, but will talk about that if a different post. I have not been feeling too good either, my thyroid has been acting up and life just seems to be getting in the way of work at the moment. Hopefully things have settled down and I can finally get back into the routine of things. That is why this post is a little late. Yep, we are heading towards the end of May and I am today sharing with you what I got n April’s Degustabox. But better late than never, hey.

So here is a video of me and Aaron finding out what was inside.



And here is everything together.


April 2017 Degustabox review


This month’s box was a bit hit and miss for me. There was somethings I really liked and somethings I would never buy again.



Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Pasta

This pasta says on the description that it is ‘rich in aromas and unique in taste and texture’ but to me this tastes like any other pasta I have add. I normally buy the cheap supermarket home brand for just 30p, or 8op if I get the whole wheat version. This is priced at £2.19, so a lot more expensive. I gave this to the kids and they wouldn’t tell any difference from our usual brand. I would stick to the cheap one.

My overall rating

Dorset Cereals

The new adventures collection from Dorset cereals come in two different flavours. Machu Picchu contains oats, barley, Brazil nuts, golden berries with a taste of coffee. American Roadtrip contains cranberries, almonds and orange zest. We received the first one to try. I quite liked this one and the taste of coffee really comes through and it was what made it different to other cereals. It’s priced at £4.89, which is a bit on the high side for me, so would only buy this now and again.

My overall rating



Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water

This is made to be used as a mixer with gin or vodka, but we gave it a taste test on it’s own. To be honest, I didn’t like this, it was to bitter for my taste and I think even if I added some vodka and ice to it, I still don’t think I would be a fan.

My overall rating

Celia Organic Lager

I don’t like larger at all, so my husband sampled this one. He said it was ok, he could drink it but he wouldn’t go out and buy it, as there are many other lagers he likes better

My overall rating



Nothing But

These snacks of freeze-dried fruit and veg are so nice. They are made from 100% wholesome ingredients, are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets. The Strawberry and Banana one was really sweet and a perfect swap if you fancy sweets or chocolate. All my kids really liked these and asked me to buy them some more. They wasn’t too keen on the veg ones though, although, I liked them the most. They was nice and crunchy but not too hard that they hurt your teeth. I would buy these again.

My overall rating

Whitworths Full of Super

These are two small vanilla flavoured maca-roons. Made with golden flax seeds, flakes of coconut and almonds. I liked these, but I am not a massive fan of the coconut, a little bit too much in there for me. But saying that, I would buy these again. Priced at £1.50.

My overall rating



Seabrook Lattice

I love the shape of these, I don’t know why but it seems to make them taste even better. This flavour was sea salt and black pepper, but both me and my husband thought the pepper was a bit too strong. We both agreed that these would have been nicer if they were sea salt and vinegar flavor. But I did finish the packet off.

My overall rating

Good Hemp – Hemp Seed Hearts

I was really looking forward to trying this product out but still haven’t got round to it. It’s just sitting in my cupboard waiting to be ate. I am still deciding what to do with it, make a salad? Stir fry? I just don’t know. But this is priced at £4.49 so it better taste nice.

My overall rating



Dosiy & Dam – Quinoa, Smoked Tea and Vanilla Chocolate

Yes, you read that right. This is chocolate flavoured with vanilla and smoked tea and quinoa. I liked the quinoa, gave the chocolate a nice crunch and was like eating rice crispies but as soon as it melts and you start to swallow the flavour of the smoked tea comes through. I didn’t like that at all, tasted a bit like bacon, just not right in chocolate. And for £1.75 for just a small 40g pack, not worth it at all.

My overall rating

Polo Sugar free Pot

I haven’t had Polo’s in ages, so was quite excited to see this in my Degustabox. Apparently, Polo’s have been around since 1948 and still going strong. This version is sugar free, but you can’t tell as taste just the same as the normal ones. These are priced at £1.49 for a tub which contains about 44 polo’s.

My overall rating

ViP Nuts

In this month’s box you could receive one of two flavours, either Hot Chilli or Hot Toffee. I got the Hot Chilli and let me tell you, these are hot! I love nuts and eat quite a lot, but these were just too hot for me, i only had one of two and couldn’t eat no more. Even my husband who eats a lot of red hot vindaloos thought these were pretty hot. Would love to try out the hot toffee ones though.

My overall rating


April 2017 Degustabox review


So there you go. My favourite item has got to be the Nothing But snacks and also the Polo’s. There a few items in this box that I would never buy again, them begin the chocolate, pasta, and hot chilli nuts.

Have you tried any of these items yet? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments.

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April 2017 Degustabox review



I received the above Degustabox in return for the post. All opinions are mine


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