When it’s cold at night I have always liked to put a hot water bottle in my bed to keep my feet warm. But once about 2 years ago, I made my bottle up and got in bed and was just about to drift to sleep when I felt something wet and starting to burn me through my pyjamas. That’s when I realised that my hot water bottle was leaking. I had only just made it up so the water was boiling hot and it went all over my legs. Lucky it didn’t do me no harm just made my legs a bit red. After this happened I worried about using hot water bottles in case it happened again, or even worse, it happened while one of my kids was using them. So from then on I used something else – Warmies. Warmies are a safe alternative to hot water bottles, you simply place them in the microwave to warm them up.

They also make Warmies in cute animals which are great for both adult and kids alike. Choose from dogs, cats, elephant, owls, foxes, dragons and even unicorns. There are also a few licenced products available like Shaun the Sheep, Bagpuss and Minions.


Cute Warmies Plush Puppy Review


We got sent out this cute and ever so adorable Plush Puppy. Just pop him in the microwave for 90 seconds to heat him up. This one is filled with the lovely scent of lavender which really helps you to drift of to sleep easily. My youngest son, hates the smell of lavender, but their are plenty of Warmies to choose from that don’t contain it. But I actually prefer the ones with lavender in.

Not only do these Plush Warmies keep you nice and toasty in bed they also double up as a great play toy. I love my plush puppy so much and the kids where arguing over who was going to keep him, so I went out and bought my youngest two kids one each. Aaron choose a dragon and Caitlin a unicorn. But the thing is, my husband has now nicked the puppy off me, so I also need to buy myself a new one.


Cute Warmies Plush Puppy Review


Here’s Aaron having a little cuddle with him.


Cute Warmies Plush Puppy Review


This Plush Puppy costs ยฃ14.95 but prices start from ยฃ7.95. These are suitable for all ages.


And if you would like to win your very own Warmies plush puppy, just enter via the gleam widget below.

All entries are optional, but the more you do the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and there will be one winner. The giveaway will close at 11:59pm on Friday

Good Luck


Warmies Plush Puppy


I received the above plush puppy in return for this post. All opinions are mine



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  1. This is adorable my autistic son loves his soft toys and he would love this. Out of the sticker journals I love the Galaxy design, I would use it as a Smashbook

  2. Would love this plush puppy! Not gonna lie would keep it to snuggle with for meself! Would go for the creatures smashbook, looks well funky!

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