Stickerbomb Journal Review and Giveaway

I have got a thing for notebooks and journals, I have quite a few of them and it looks as if my daughter Caitlin (7) has too. Every time I get a new notebook she is trying to nick it of me. So I was so glad when I was asked if my kids would like to review some Stickerbomb journals. There are currently two themes Creatures and Galaxy and they are designed by Ryo Sanada and Suridh Hassan of SRK and published by Laurence King Publishing.

Take a trip through the moonscape covers of the Galaxy journal, with Haniboi’s illustrations of spaceships, astronauts and aliens and get lost stickering the Creatures journal’s forest cover with the peculiar imaginings of artist Iloobia. Each journal has 128 blank pages, plus a back pocket full of over 100 stickers.


Stickerbom Journal


I think the covers look amazing! And the design is continued over the spine and on to the back cover. The stickers contain letters to, so you can spell your name or tell people to ‘Keep Out’. I also love that the pages are plain so not only can you write in these but also draw too.

There is a back pocket to keep your stickers in or maybe keep some secret notes.

Caitlin had the Galaxy themed one and Aaron (6) had the Creatures. You can see his completed cover with stickers on below.


Creatures Stickerbomb Journal Book


How cool does that look?

These are priced at £9.99 each and I think these are great notebooks. I would love to see a cupcake themed one!


And I also have a giveaway for you where one winner can win one Stickerbomb journal. All you have to do is enter via the gleam widget below. All entries are optional, but the more you enter the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close at 11:59pm on Monday 5th June.

Good Luck!

Stickerbomb Journal


I received the two stickerbomb journals in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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