My second favourite holiday after Christmas has got to be Easter. My kids have eggs from me, their auntie, Nana and grandma, so they get at least 4 eggs each, while me on the other hand gets nothing. Each year I always say I will treat myself to a nice luxury egg, but it never happens. I normally just get a piece of the kids that I have to nick when they are not looking (does that make me a bad mum?) And I find that each year that there are more treats to choose from which makes it hard for me to choose just one to have. Here are some yummy treats that are available this year.

Which one takes your fancy?



yummy Easter Egg treats 2017


The Easter Treats

Hotel Chocolat

This is my favourite brand of chocolate and they have some really great items to choose from this year. The Big City Bunny £7.50 is a lovely treat and is available in milk and dark chocolate. The Easter Pen Pals £10 feature Elizapeck, Woolliam and Rabbert which come in delicious white, milk and caramel chocolate. The Bunnies Basket £8 contains 15 individual wrapped milk chocolate rabbits and chick to hid and find.


This Thorntons Lemon Meringue Inspired Easter Egg £12 looks so yummy, the perfect treat if you’re a lemon fan.

Green & Black’s

I love butterscotch and this Butterscotch Easter Egg £6.59 from Green & Black’s sound so nice. Milk chocolate egg with crunchy butterscotch pieces.


How amazing does this egg from Divine sound? Creamy Milk Chocolate with Joe & Seph’s Salted Caramel Popcorn £10.95 and also includes 2 small packs of popcorn. Sounds so divine.

Scandi Kitchen

I really like this egg  called a Paskagg £2.49-£8.99 which is made from paper mache with a traditional Easter design on. You can buy these eggs empty or ready filled with your favourite pick ‘n’ mix sweet.


Lindor Strawberries and Cream White Easter Egg £8.99 looks so yummy. It contains a large white chocolate egg with 10 gorgeous strawberries and cream melting Lindor truffles. Sounds blissful.


I am a big fan of carrot cake so when I saw this Carrot Cake Chocolate Egg £7.00 from Waitrose I just had to had it to my list. It’s half milk chocolate and half white chocolate with orange pieces and walnuts.


Asda’s Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate & Honeycomb Easter Egg £6.00 really looks unique, I don’t think I have seen an Easter egg shaped liked this before.


You can’t go wrong with some Cadbury’s Easter treats. They are the cheapest on my list and they have loads to choose from including their Hollow Easter Bunny £1.49, Dairy Milk Egg Minis £1.49 and Easter Bunny Chick £2.99. And you have to get some Mini Egg Bag‘s £1.20 to make some cute Easter egg nests.

The Cocoabean Company

These Cocoabean Company Easter Eggs come with a choice of either mini eggs, strawberry laces, jelly fried eggs, flying sauces, shrimps & bananas, liquorice all sorts and loads to choose from all encased within the chocolate. Small eggs are £4.95 and large eggs are £7.95.


These all look so nice, I can’t decide which one is my favourite. Obviously I would love to try all of these. Which one catches your eye? Let me know in the comments below.


I received some samples of these eggs to include in this post. All opinions are mine

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12 comments on “Yummy Easter Treats 2017”

  1. They all look so delicious I don’t think I could ever choose. The Lindt Strawberry and Cream one sounds really tempting but more for the white chocolate egg (I can’t resist Lindt white chocolate) as opposed to the strawberry and cream Lindt balls. I hope you get yourself an egg this year (and if not, I hope you managed to get a decent amount of chocolate from your kids).

  2. Waitrose carrot cake all the way for me! Or actually the chocolate honeycomb… AH it’s too hard! I have SUCH a sweet tooth, but am trying to be really good right now. This means I also haven’t got any chocolate ones thus far, but have handed them out happily! 😀

  3. Can I not just have them all? If I absolutely have to choose I’d go for the Hotel Chocolat. The lemon merangue sounds amazing too though. No, I’m back to wanting them all!

  4. Good grief – time flies ! Mini eggs are still a favourite of mine – im not ruling out any of the others !

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