I have always loved reading, even when I was a child you would always find me with a book. I have always encouraged my kids to read and I love to buy them new books or lend books from the library. I am so happy that my 7-year-old daughter loves reading just as much as I do. My sons on the other hand need a little more encouragement. Ryan, my eldest is 12, and will only really read a book if he has to. I have found a few books that he does like and I will go out my way to buy all the books in that series. My youngest, Aaron is just 6 and he does love books, but he likes ones that I read to him that have a lot of pictures in. He is just started to read independently.

Scholastic asked if my kids would like to review some books. Of course I said yes. I am a big fan of Scholastic and at the kids primary school they have a Scholastic Book fair come to school every term and I am the first one to offer to help out.


We Love Scholastic Books


I let the kids choose themselves which books they wanted to review. Ryan went for The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by L. Pichon. He has read another in the Tom Gates series and really enjoyed it. Ryan managed to finish this book in about 2 weeks, which is actually a record time for him. He said he really enjoyed reading this and wants me to get him more.



Caitlin went for Monty the Sad Puppy by Holly Webb. Caitlin has read quite a lot of books by Holly Webb and she is now her favourite author. Caitlin said that this was one of her favourites from Holly Webb and gave it 4.5/5 stars. She only took a few hours to read this as she loved it so much.



I did want Aron to choose a story book but he really wanted this Smiley Joke Book. This is not a normal joke but, instead it used emoji’s to tell a joke and you have to work out what they mean. I thought this would be a bit tricky for Aaron, but he got some of them straight away. He really loved the poo jokes and thought they were absolutely hilarious.



If you’re in need of reading inspiration this year, Scholastic’s bumper World Book Day Book Club has just landed. Packed with exciting reads from kids’ favourites – like Wimpy Kid, David Walliams, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler – at pocket-money-friendly prices, and positively bursting with new releases, film tie-ins and home learning activities, the only problem will be choosing what they should spend their £1 World Book Day tokens on. World Book Day tokens can be redeemed online (until 5th May); just enter the number of tokens at the checkout to claim your £1 off.

As always, every order over £10 will earn your chosen school or nursery 20% in free books – so you can help them to spread the joy of reading on World Book Day and all year-round.

About Scholastic Book Clubs

Scholastic Book Clubs feature the best children’s books around from over 70 publishers often at up to 70% off RRP.  For every order over £10, Scholastic will donate 20% back in books and resources to a school of the customer’s choosing.  A new selection of books is added at least 6 times a year (to coincide with school terms).

Book clubs are often run by schools and nurseries but parents don’t have to be part of an organised book club, or receive a catalogue from a school or nursery to take part.  They can buy online from the Scholastic shop (https://shop.scholastic.co.uk/world-book-day-2017) and nominate the school or nursery to receive the 20% back at the checkout.




We received these books in return for this post. All opinions are mine (or the kids)

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5 comments on “We Love Scholastic Books”

  1. Love SCHOLASTIC too
    We don’t actually belong to paid book clubs but love the library-its animal theme this summer and we’ll SEE how MANY we get through

  2. They do a lovely range of books, my son likes Time Gates books after discovering them in school he has lent a few from our local library too xxx

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