I have only been abroad twice in my life and both times was to the same place in Gran Caneria. I have taken out holiday insurance both times and I always will in the future, as you never know what is around the corner.

When me an my husband went away on our holiday, the hotel provided us with bottled water everyday, as the water in the taps can give you an upset tummy. But when we first arrived, we wasn’t told about this. It wasn’t until the next day when we met up with our holiday rep that we found out. So make sure you ask about this as soon as you arrive.

My number one tip for staying well on holiday is to not turn the air conditioning down too low. I made that mistake on my second trip out there. It was 45 degrees outside, but when I got into the hotel room I was turning the air conditioning down to just 10-12 degrees. Not a good idea. It made me get a cold and I spent the last few days of my holiday feeling really under the weather.

It’s shocking to know that 40% of people have travelled without holiday insurance in the past. I always take out holiday insurance even when I am holidaying in the UK, as you just never know what may happen. And if you have holiday insurance, it will give you that little piece of mind if something does go wrong. Jefferies solicitors offers holiday sickness claims just in case you do get ill or have an accident while away.i

What is your top tip for staying safe while enjoying your holiday?


Stay protected on your Vactaion with Holiday Insurance - infographic


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  1. I make sure my daughter has a tag with her name hotel and my mobile number on her at all times, just in case we get separated in a busy crowd or on the beach etc

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